Laurel and Hardy

10 Facts about Laurel and Hardy

Facts about Laurel and Hardy tell us about a comedy double act. The members of the team are Laurel and Hardy. The former one lived from 1890 until his death in 1965. Stan Laurel was an Englishman. On the other hand, Oliver Hardy lived in 1892 until 1957. He was a heavyset American. Both represented the beginning of Classical Hollywood Era in America. Let us get other interesting facts about Laurel and Hardy below:

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 1: the fame of Laurel and Hardy

In the end of 1920s and mid-1940s, Laurel and Hardy earned a great deal popularity. Hardy was depicted as the pompous character. On the other hand, Laurel earned the childlike and clumsy nature. People enjoyed their slapstick comedy.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 2: the signature tunes

Laurel and Hardy had several famous tunes. They included “The Dance of the Cuckoos”, “Ku-Ku”, and “The Cuckoo Song”.  Another signature of the duo included the bowler hats. The tunes were played during the opening of their movies.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 3: the film career

Before Laurel and Hardy became a duo, both were notable actors in the film industry. Hardy had appeared in at least 250 productions. On the other hand, Laurel was casted in more than 50 films.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 4: The Lucky Dog

In 1921, Laurel and Hardy participated in The Lucky Dog. Both were the cast members before they were teamed up. Both also appeared in a short film in 1926.

Laurel & Hardy
Laurel & Hardy

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 5: as a comedy duo

In 1927, Laurel and Hardy were officially a team. Their first movie as a duo was Putting Pants on Philip. It was a silent short movie.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 6: the contracts

Until 1940s, Laurel and Hardy were under the contracts with Roach studio. In 1941 until 1945, both worked with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and 20th Century Fox in eight “B” film comedies.

Laurel and Hardy Facts
Laurel and Hardy Facts

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 7: tours

In the late 1944, Laurel and Hardy had fulfilled their film commitments. Then the duo decided to focus more on the tours in Scotland, Ireland and England.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 8: the last movie

Atoll K was the title of the last movie of Lauren and Hardy in 1950 before the duo retired from industry.

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 9: the movies starred by Laurel and Hardy

Laurel and Hardy had worked together as a duo in 23 full-length feature movies, 40 short sound films and 32 short silent’s movies. In total, they appeared in 107 movies.

Laurel and Hardy Pic
Laurel and Hardy Pic

Facts about Laurel and Hardy 10: cameo

Both also appeared as cameo in other movies. Both are considered as the greatest comedians.

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