10 Strongest TV Series Characters Who Had To Earn Their Strength

Despite their immense strength, many TV characters may have started weak and had to earn their strength.

Some TV characters are born strong, like The Legend Of Korra’s Korra and Justice League’s Wonder Woman. Strength often helps them get through the many struggles they face throughout their lives. Viewers frequently see this on screen, as some characters are gifted with enhanced abilities or are natural-born leaders.

While this is interesting to watch, a more interesting arc is when characters start out weak and then gradually build strength as they progress through the show. Knowing that it took them time and effort to become strong individuals, this is much more interesting to watch. Many TV characters have earned their own strength.

10 Arrow: Tragic Events Made Oliver Queen Become The Green Arrow

In Arrow, Oliver Queen was spoiled and led an easy life. However, when he was in a boating accident, his life was turned upside down. He then spent five years on a remote island before returning home.

Throughout Arrow, viewers see flashbacks of Oliver’s hardships during that time, which made him a stronger character. This mainly involved becoming the Green Arrow and using the skills he learned to fight crime in his hometown.

Sweet Magnolias: Maddie Townsend Gained Strength After Betrayal

Maddie Townsend’s family became the talk of the town after her husband, Bill, had an affair. Maddie’s whole life was in disarray, but she had to keep it together because of their children. After time passed, things started looking up for her as she moved on and started regaining her confidence.

A pivotal moment for Maddie is when Bill asked if they could reconcile, which she confirmed was never happening. She showed so much admirable strength and viewers could see a huge difference in her character.

Game Of Thrones: Arya Stark Worked Hard To Become Who She Was Meant To Be

Arya Stark is initially introduced as being independent and fierce with no care for societal expectations. Everything fell apart when her father was executed, and these character traits were put to the test. Arya embarked on a long journey in Game Of Thrones before eventually becoming the person who killed the Night King.

From serving Tywin Lannister to training with Jaqen H’ghar, Arya went through countless perilous situations to gain the strength she had at the end of Game of Thrones. Overall, Arya goes through a drastic and inspiring transformation.

Cobra Kai: Miguel Diaz Didn’t Want To Be Pushed Around Any Longer

Cobra Kai’s Miguel Diaz was the kind of person who kept his head down and tried to avoid trouble. When he had grown weary of being pushed around, he asked his neighbor and Cobra Kai alum, Johnny Lawrence, to train him in karate.

After working closely with Johnny, Miguel went from being a very timid character to an undefeated champion of the All Valley Tournament. Miguel showed immense strength in his martial arts capabilities and by striving to solve his issues at school. Learning self-defense strengthened him physically and emotionally.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow: Sara Lance Went Through A Life-Changing Journey

Sara Lance and Oliver Queen’s families were close friends and the two characters were very similar as they both previously exhibited defiant behavior. Nearly everyone thought Sara had died after a trip on Robert Queen’s boat, but she was actually taken in by various people during her journey who helped her survive.

She went back to Starling City as The Canary, and then became a time-traveling Legend. Out of everyone in the Arrowverse (bar Oliver), Sara went through the most life-threatening circumstances. These circumstances gave Sara true strength.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Melinda May Prevailed After Enduring A Traumatic Experience

In Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Melinda May, an experienced field agent, has a stoic demeanor. During a flashback, viewers understand why she acts this way as she experiences a traumatic event that caused her to emotionally withdraw from people.

Gradually, the audience does see her open up. Melinda goes above and beyond for her team, only getting stronger after every mission. She participates in challenging fights, gets injured, and loses loved ones, yet still finishes the job while holding her head up high.

The Good Doctor: Claire Browne Was Determined To Make Something Of Herself

Claire Browne is an extremely resilient character. Not only does she face a variety of difficulties in The Good Doctor, such as harassment and racism, but audiences are also made privy to her troubled past. She despised her childhood as her mother struggled with mental health and her father was absent.

Even though adversity is thrown her way, she still perseveres while pursuing her goal to be the best surgeon in the country. Claire is a kind-hearted person who works hard, making her deserving of so much strength.

Elite: Samuel Domínguez Took Matters Into His Own Hands

In Elite, Samuel Domínguez’s brother was wrongfully convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Marina. Seeking justice, Samuel did whatever it took to determine who the actual perpetrator was. When he discovered it was Polo and Marina’s brother finally believed him, they both fought to have Polo persecuted.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until Polo died and his parents confessed on his behalf that the authorities took proper action. During this time, Samuel used boxing as an outlet. Viewers see him strengthen in more ways than one, with his tenacity finally triumphing after exposing a corrupt system.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Banishment Made Zuko Strong

After speaking out of turn at a meeting, Zuko was banished by his father, the Firelord. He then continued to overcome the many obstacles that followed. The obstacles he faced included receiving a scar from his father, working harder on his bending skills to compensate for lacking talent, and living in the Earth Kingdom while concealing his identity.

All of these events led to him fulfilling his destiny of helping the Avatar defeat the Firelord. Though he doesn’t start with the best morals, Zuko learned from his mistakes and succeeded, regardless of what he faced.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Ben Pincus Learned How To Survive In The Wilderness

Ben Pincus completely changed when he and four other teens were trapped alone in Isla Nebular (AKA Jurassic World). Initially, Ben is scared of everything. However, after being separated from the group, he had no choice but to survive on his own.

Not only did Ben survive, but he also thrived; he even wanted to stay on the island at one point. However, his friends convinced him to go with them and find their way home. As of season 4, he’s continued to exhibit a tough persona.

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