‘1883’: Faith Hill Takes Pride in Her ‘Resemblance’ to ‘Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner

It is a great time to be a fan of the hit show “Yellowstone” as the universe expands with the arrival of “1883,” a prequel to the popular show. You may not find bigger fans of the modern western drama than us here at Outsider. After shining up our cowboy boots and putting on our favorite hats, our eyes focus on the television screen each Sunday night.

Excitement is in the air as “1883” is off to a fantastic start, setting records as millions of people tuned in to watch. One of the primary reasons for the growing excitement is the outstanding cast put together by “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan. The casting of country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in the lead roles took many by surprise. It’s been a pleasant surprise, however, as the country stars have proven more than capable of playing James and Margaret Dutton.

Hill recently spoke with Outsider’s own Jon D.B. about what “Yellowstone” fans can expect from her “1883” character. The “Wild One” singer was asked what traits Margaret would pass down to current “Yellowstone” Ranch owner John Dutton, played by Hollywood great Kevin Costner.

“Other than the fact that we resemble one another?” she says with a giggle. “Just kidding. A little humor for the morning show.”

After enjoying a laugh with her co-star, Isabel May, the “1883” star points to a common trait that the Dutton family shares.

“Obviously, it takes a lot of grit from the entire family,” she says. “But also love of the land. Not necessarily ownership of land but for me, as Margaret, I mean truly what happens here as we are crossing the country is realizing that this is such a beautiful place and how can we preserve this space.”

‘1883’ Flashbacks Build Suspense For ‘Yellowstone’ Fans

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan has done a masterful job of teasing “1883” with flashback scenes.

In season four’s first flashback, we get our first look at Tim McGraw as James Dutton. We also learn that the struggle between the Dutton family and the Broken Rock Tribe dates back more than a century. This battle figures to factor into “1883” storylines as the season moves along.

In the most recent “Yellowstone” episode, we get yet another flashback to the “1883” era. This one gives us our first look at Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton. Sitting down to a meal with her sons, she asks the oldest boy to pray for their father’s safe return.

James Dutton, with a silver star on his lapel, is attempting to round up some cattle thieves. Pretending to be dead, he gets the upper hand on the thieves and brings them to justice.

“1883” has been a huge hit among “Yellowstone” fans so far and there is plenty of reason to believe that will continue.

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