‘1883’: Tim McGraw Says Wife Faith Hill Actually Slapped Him While Filming ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

Starring in 1883 alongside his wife, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill had some trials and tribulations while filming the series. However, there were some perks to the Yellowstone origin story. It wasn’t all cowboy stuff all the time. Sometimes, they got to act! Knowing they had to up their game on camera in order to get more credibility from viewers, they took things to the next level.

Before they starred as the 19th century Duttons, the country music duo had a little film experience. But never on camera together, outside of music videos. So, they wanted to up the game. For Hill, it was a great move. For McGraw… it cost him a little bit.

While talking with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Tim McGraw talked about a scene in 1883 that was very much real. Acting can be a lot of smoke and mirrors, especially nowadays. So, it’s nice to hear they didn’t take any shortcuts.

“However, there was a scene that we did where she had to slap me,” McGraw said to the late-night host. “No, that was a real slap. We talked about it before, we don’t want to do a TV slap, we want to do a real slap. But after the eighth take…”

The singer felt inclined to ask if there was anything he and his wife need to talk about in their marriage after the big smack. Hill went all in, “that was a palm” McGraw made sure to emphasize. Check out the rest of the interview here.

Of course, it was all fun and games. The two empty-nesters have settled into their lives post-children. I guess part of that is slapping your husband on camera for all to see in a historical fiction series.

One ‘1883’ Scene was ‘Tough’ For Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

It isn’t just Tim McGraw that’s opened up about his time on 1883, Faith Hill has too. In recent comments, Hill talked about a scene that was “tough” for both of them to film. There’s a good reason why, too. However, it wasn’t the big slap across her husband’s face, that was easy in comparison.

The bathtub scene has been talked about a lot since the first episode came out. Since then, fans have wondered what it was like. Hill was honest about it.

“That was tough, although [the crew] made it comfortable. Taylor made it comfortable for us. Well, for me,” she explained. “Tim was like ‘Let’s do it. Yeah. Jump in. I’m ready to go. Don’t need to cover that up. Just let everybody see,” she jokingly added.

So, maybe it wasn’t too hard for Tim McGraw to do the scene in 1883. But, the two went through with the scene and then put together a great season of a great show. Their performances are going to be remembered when the awards season comes around.

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