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Better Call Saul: 10 Ways The Final Season Can End

Better Call Saul has come to an end for now, but there's still one more season in store. Here's how the final season can end.

Breaking Bad‘s prequel Better Call Saul has come to an end for now, but there’s still one more season in store. However, the final season is certainly set to be a wild one and no one is quite sure how it will all come to a chaotic conclusion.

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The past seasons have built and built until the final episode of Better Call Saul‘s season 5 exploded with tension and action. The firefight between Lalo and Gus’s men sets the stage for the final season; but how will it all end? Here’s 10 ways that season 6 could conclude the show.

Kim’s Corruption

The final episode also saw Kim perhaps descend to Saul’s level, as she reveals that she is totally capable of trying to ruin Hamlin’s career in order to make the duo millions. Saul is shocked by her behaviour.

The final season of the show will of course explore this further, but perhaps it will have consequences for her. It may be that Kim’s corruption goes to far and she actually ends up in court herself for her actions.

Parting Ways

Kim Better Call Saul

It may be that the relationship between the two no longer works and that Saul is forced to divorce Kim and move on with his life. This is perhaps the most peaceful option to end the show.

Saul and Kim’s relationship has been a driving factor of the series throughout, so having them part ways before the start of Saul’s work with Jesse and Walt would make sense.


The final and most effective way to end the show is to have Kim unfortunately die. It’s been the fear of many fans for some time that one of the criminals of this universe will finally get to Saul and his wife.

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It could well be that her behaviour gets her in a lot of trouble, as she is continuing to show no fear even when dealing with the leaders of cartels. Kim’s fate could be completely sealed.

Saul’s Beginning

Saul’s ending may be exactly where we first saw him, at the beginning. The series could simply end with him shooting more terrible commercials as he opens up his office for the first time.

With a partnership with Hank of sorts and many questionable clientele, it may be that the show ends with him and Huell setting up the dream business that we eventually see during our introduction to the character.

Nacho’s Redemption

Nacho has been trying to get out of the game for some time and may even be trying to redeem himself. A happier way for the show to end is for him to get his satisfying ending much like Jesse did.

There’s a lot of signs that point to this being very unlikely, considering Lalo is now hunting Nacho for being a traitor to the group. But, there’s always a chance that he manages to get away and start a new life.

Lalo’s Revenge

Lalo could finish the show victorious, taking Nacho out of the picture and perhaps dealing a big blow to Gus before he begins to rebuild once again. It appears that Lalo is still at large as he is mentioned by Saul to Walter White much later on.

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A very likely option is that the series ends with one of its greatest villains getting their justice and putting things right once more, so his family can continue to prosper.

Building An Empire

Gus has continued to try to build up his empire, even attempting to create the lab that Walt and Jesse will eventually work in. He has been stalled again and again though, despite his best efforts.

The season finale of the whole show needs to set up that Gus will be a main player in the future. His business arrangements and assets like the labs should be built in the final episode therefore to demonstrate this power.

Where It All Started

The show could end where it all started, with a drug raid that Hank and Walt sat in on. It could be the final part of a plan, tying the two shows together and linking up all the plot threads.

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This is the kind of forward planning that the writing team usually put in place and it therefore wouldn’t be too surprising to see the show end in this way.

Status Quo

There is a quite big chance that the show ends in the same place it began with the status quo revoking back to normal. The gang war between Gus and the Salamancas could subside and Saul could go back to practising normal law.

It could be that the way we next see him isn’t entirely explained and that it’s left up to the viewer’s imagination. This would also explain the absence of people like Kim and Nacho.

In The Future

The far future has been shown to viewers a few times, but there’s an open plot thread that hasn’t been finished and that’s how Saul is going to protect his new identity.

The show may end with the far future scenes wrapping up. Saul might really show us what sort of man he is, perhaps by killing the pair that recognized him.

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