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Breaking Bad: 10 Best Storylines That Should Have Been Expanded

Though Breaking Bad had some of the most gripping storylines in television history, there are some aspects of the show that deserved more attention.

There are storylines on Breaking Bad that are counted among the greatest in television history. The show’s writers had an incredible way of creating arcs that had enticing and complex build-ups which hooked people and eventually reached thrilling and satisfying conclusions.

However, there were also a few interesting storylines that were introduced only to be wrapped up in a bit of a disappointing way. While the showrunners didn’t seem to think these storylines were very interesting, they hinted at some fun possible directions and ways of exploring different aspects of the characters of Breaking Bad.

Walt And Jesse On The Run

Jesse watches Walt kill drug dealers in Breaking Bad

In a defining moment showing just how much Walt cares for Jesse throughout most of Breaking Bad, he kills two drug dealers who work for Gus Fring in order to save Jesse’s life. The intense sequence is punctuated by the episode’s final line when Walt simply tells Jesse, “Run.”

This seems to set up a storyline of Jesse going on the run from Fring’s crew with Walt helping him evade capture. The situation does force Walt and Jesse to kill Gale in the next episode, but it would have been more thrilling to extend that period of time to add even more tension.

Walt And Jesse Working For Tuco

Tuco points a gun at Jesse in Breaking Bad

Tuco Salamanca was the first major villain of the series and was a great way of showing how out of their element Walt and Jesse were. He was a rageful and unpredictable man who was prone to sudden and shocking moments of violence. Every moment Tuco was on screen was terrifying.

As memorable as Tuco was as a villain, he was short-lived. Following the first season, Tuco is sort of rushed off the show in an ending that feels forced, albeit entertaining. It would have been fun to see how Walt and Jesse would deal with working for such a wild man.

Jesse’s Imprisonment

The episode “Ozymandias” in the final season of Breaking Bad was the beginning of the end for Walter White. It also spelled doom for Jesse as he is handed over to Todd, Uncle Jack, and the other neo-Nazis. In the remaining couple of episodes, the audience gets glimpses of the tortuous life Jesse is enduring at the hands of his captors.

But, given how much Jesse was integral to the series, this felt like a bit of a letdown for his last few episodes. He barely had any dialogue and didn’t advance his arc much. It would have been nice to see this imprisonment storyline add something new to his character and give him a proper ending.

Fring’s Rise To Power

When Gus Fring was introduced in the show, he immediately became one of the most interesting Breaking Bad villains. He was made even more interesting with his backstory regarding the cartel and his eventual revenge against them.

But, much about Fring and his past is left a mystery in Breaking Bad, as has been the case in the prequel, Better Call Saul. While this approach can be effective for a villain, it would have been nice to get an idea of how Fring rose to power.

Mike Stands Up To Walt

Walt orders Mike to give him the names of his associates in Breaking Bad

Walt often finds himself at odds with various people throughout the series, leading to some explosive moments. His combative relationships with both Fring and Hank were great, but the confrontation between Walt and Mike really had a lot of potential.

Mike was one of the few people who could see right through Walt’s lies and call him out. Walt hated Mike because he never saw him as the crime lord Walt envisioned himself as. Their final scene is great, but it also came out of nowhere, and it could have been more effective with an even longer buildup.

Hank Investigating Fring

Hank thinking and sitting in chair Breaking Bad.

Hank was first introduced in the show as an obnoxious and tough-guy cop character, but he eventually proved that he was actually a very skilled investigator, and Hank ended up as one of the greatest heroes of Breaking Bad. Perhaps his finest moment is zeroing in on Fring as a drug lord.

Not only did Hank’s investigation of Fring make him seem like an even more impressive agent, but it also showed Fring in a rare vulnerable position. Eventually, the focus turned to Walt taking down Fring, but it would have been satisfying to have Hank confirm his suspicions before the end.

Uncle Jack And His Crew

Jack and Todd with guns in the desert in Breaking Bad

Uncle Jack was a very easy villain to hate on the show. He and his gang were not only ruthlessly violent Nazis, but they were also responsible for killing Hank and Gomez, which set Jack up as the show’s final villain.

While it is satisfying to see Jack get his comeuppance in the finale, he is a hard villain to get too invested in. The show only presents him as this horrible personification of evil with no motivations or personality. Had he been made more three-dimensional, it could have elevated the finale.

Skyler The Accomplice

When Skyler does find out the truth about Walt’s business, it changes their relationship forever. However, it also opens the dark side in Skyler, as well, as she gradually pushes aside the horror she feels about the situation and becomes an accomplice in Walt’s crimes.

For Skyler, it is only about their family and not about the money. However, she shows she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her family, even suggesting Walt kill Jesse. It could have been interesting to see how far Skyler was really willing to go.

The Aftermath Of The Plane Crash

Walt looks up at the plane crash in Breaking Bad

One of the most shocking Breaking Bad moments was the plane crash in season 2. Though it was teased and foreshadowed the entire season, few could have predicted this would be the outcome or the part Walt played in it.

But, as shocking as it was, the show didn’t linger on the aftermath of it very long. It would have been especially interesting to see how Jane’s father was dealing with all of this and Walt confronting his own part in it all.

Walt Jr. Learning The Truth

Walt Jr. at breakfast table in Breaking Bad

The entire premise of Breaking Bad set up the tension of Walt trying to keep the truth of his illegal activities from his family. The question was always hanging there, and, when Skyler found out, there was still the effort to keep it from Walt Jr.

That moment finally comes in the episode “Ozymandias” in a very intense scene. But, Walt Jr’s reaction is sort of glossed over with all the other craziness going on. After so much build-up of keeping this secret, the show should have dedicated a bit more time to the reveal.

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