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Breaking Bad: 10 Ways Skyler Got Worse & Worse

Skyler White wen through a tough time in Breaking Bad and audiences ended up hating her. Here's how the character got worse as the show went on.

Despite the fact that throughout the show, Skyler White is technically just trying to protect her family, Breaking Bad audiences ended up hating the character. Many fans found her annoying, mainly because they were busy rooting for Walt and Jesse, despite the fact that in most circumstances they’d be classed as the villains for creating drugs.

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Skyler’s character did change a lot throughout the series, and many would argue that it actually got worse as the show progressed. Even though she was one of Breaking Bad’s leading roles, she was someone who didn’t seem to progress as a character, and in this list, we will look at 10 ways she got worse.

She Was Blocking Walt’s Empire

Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Anna Gunn as Skyler White in Breaking Bad in the car.

One of the big reasons why Skyler’s character got worse is because people saw her as someone who was Walt’s biggest roadblock. While she was oblivious to his secret job for a while, when she finds out she isn’t supportive and it risks everything going up in smoke.

Even though she’s technically in the right, as Walt has brought a world of crime and drugs right to their doorstep, audiences are firmly invested by this point. Because of that, Skyler is seen as the person going against Walt, and that’s why fans didn’t like her.

Suddenly Onboard

Skyler White in Breaking Bad

While Skyler being against Walt and not seeing that he was trying to provide for her once he died was one thing, but the fact she totally changed her opinion was another. When she starts to work out just how much money is coming in, Skyler ends up helping her husband with the money laundering side of things.

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Even though fans would have preferred her to help all along, her decision to help out actually made her worse as a character. The main reason for that was because she went against everything she had previously stated, so while she was once stubborn against Walt, at least she had her principals.

Constant Nagging

One of Skyler’s biggest traits is the fact that she does nag quite a lot. This is clear right from the start, long before she even knows about Walt’s alter-ego of Heisenberg and what he really gets up to. She is always on his case as well as their sons.

It is a characteristic that she clearly had throughout her life, but that doesn’t make it a great one. Because it’s something that a lot of people can relate to, it instantly made her unlikeable, and as it’s something she did throughout the series it didn’t help her character.

No Trust

A pregnant Skyler and a stressed Walt after an argument

Even though Skyler is technically right to question Walt about his whereabouts as he constantly spends time away, she does show a real lack of trust in her husband. It wasn’t a great characteristic to have as a character, and even though she was correct to worry, as Walt was busy cooking up the meth, it made audiences instantly not like her.

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Because of the fact, Walt is suffering from cancer when she first starts questioning him and showing a lack of faith, it does paint her in a negative light as a character.


While there’s nothing wrong with smoking, the problem for Skyler was that she started smoking while she was pregnant. It’s a big no in the eyes of many people and that’s a big reason why people really started to hate her as a character.

It was her way of coping with the stress that was going on at the time, however, the fact she was pregnant while she was smoking made her much worse as a character. Sure, she had tons of stress going on, but that doesn’t really excuse her potentially harming her unborn child.

Lack Of Loyalty

Ted Beneke in Breaking Bad

Even though Walter White does a lot of despicable things, the reason he gets involved in the drug world is to provide for his family. He is scared of dying and leaving them with nothing, but Skyler seems unable to see that at any point, which is something that makes her character worse as well.

However, Skyler doesn’t show that same loyalty at any point. Whether it’s throwing Walt out of the family home or actually having an affair, she doesn’t show loyalty to him in the same way he does with her.

Helping Ted

Skyler helps Ted cover up for his failure to pay taxes

Even though Skyler made it clear she isn’t happy with what Walt is doing, she happily ends up helping Ted sort his finances out even though she knows he has been fiddling with the figures illegally. She gets him out of trouble, despite the fact she knows it’s wrong and in some people’s view, that’s just as bad as what Walt is doing.

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The fact that she isn’t as perfect as she attempts to portray instantly makes her worse as a character. It’s a total change from how she had been showcased up to that point, and it did make her worse.

She Doesn’t Support Others

While Skyler obviously has a tough life at the point the show takes place with her husband having cancer and then getting into the drug world, she is very isolated. She clearly wants support from others but the fact is that she very rarely gives that support out to people herself.

Instead of helping Walt and working out their financial situation, she points to flaws with how little money they have. She doesn’t help her sister with her shoplifting issue either and instead just screams and judges her, making the problem even worse.

Her Complaining

Skyler screams after Walt ran away with Holly in Breaking Bad

While Skyler certainly has the right to complain throughout the series considering everything she is put through by her husband when it comes to a show like this it isn’t something that audiences want to see. They want strong characters who get on with the situation and task at hand.

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Skyler complained a lot throughout the show about a rang of things as nothing seemed to be good enough for her. Whether it was about Walt and his situation or her children, it was something she did a lot of during the show, which made her worse as a character.

She’s Hypocritical

skyler walt breaking bad launder money

The big reason that Skyler got worse as a character is because of how she viewed herself from a moral perspective. She had a clear moral compass and anyone who goes against that ends up hearing from her, and it isn’t just Walt who gets that treatment.

She is exactly the same way with her son and especially with her sister. However, the fact Skyler is happy to judge absolutely everyone else but make major mistakes and break the law herself, making her hypocritical.

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