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Breaking Bad: 5 Characters We’d Love To Be Friends With (& 5 We’d Rather Avoid)

Breaking Bad's environment isn't very conductive of friendships, and while most characters should be avoided, others could make for good pals.

Breaking Bad is a story about a friendless, resigned teacher who, upon learning that he’s dying, decided to finally live up to his potential as a chemistry genius. As he entered the criminal underworld, he slowly transformed into a manipulative megalomaniac and met all kinds of people along the way. Not all were immoral and corrupt, though. Quite the contrary! Breaking Bad effectively shows that good people can be found in the most unusual places and that family doesn’t necessarily always have one’s best interests at heart.

While some characters always showed up for their loved ones, others couldn’t be trusted from the beginning. It’s impossible to be friends with everybody in the Breaking Bad universe. A side must be chosen, and it’s best to stick with the few who are loyal, honest, and caring.

Befriend: Jesse Pinkman

Aaron Paul

When Jesse was first introduced, he didn’t seem like the best friend material. He put on an act and came across as ignorant, irresponsible, and boisterous. But as the story progressed, he started showing his true colors. Jesse Pinkman had a heart of gold and a soft spot for those less fortunate, especially women and children.

He wouldn’t even hurt a beetle in “Peekaboo”! He didn’t care for money or power as he gave much of his earnings away to his friends, Andrea, and even strangers. He had done several things that proved that he was genuinely a good person. Sure, he was a bit impulsive at times, but that just goes to show how deeply he cared about his loved ones.

Avoid: Todd Alquist

Todd shoots a little boy in Breaking Bad

Todd was incapable of forming meaningful relationships and the scariest part was that he wasn’t even aware of it. He didn’t register that Lydia was not interested in him and he genuinely thought that Jesse was his friend while he held him captive.

To say the least, Todd was a sociopath, if not a full-blown psychopath. After all, he had no qualms with murdering children and even kept a souvenir after shooting Drew Sharp. Nobody wants to be friends with somebody like that!

Befriend: Steven Gomez

Steven Gomez pointing a gun in Breaking Bad

Steven Gomez wasn’t just Hank’s co-worker, he was also his best friend. He was professional, respectful, and caring, but he also knew how to joke around.

Even when he was skeptical of Hank, Gomez was always honest and straightforward with him. When Hank realized Walt was Heisenberg, Gomez helped him bring him to justice. Tragically, he wouldn’t have died if he wasn’t such an amazing friend to Hank.

Avoid: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle driving Gus around in Better Call Saul.

Lydia was the most nervous person in Breaking Bad. She chose to lead a very stressful life, but could never learn to manage her anxiety. She lived in perpetual fear, so she didn’t hesitate to betray others and order murders to protect her own life and interests.

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She always had someone else do her dirty work, much like Walt in the earlier seasons. Lydia had no traits one would seek in a friend. She was disloyal, uneasy, uptight, and selfish.

Befriend: Hank

hank in the pilot episode of breaking bad

In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, Hank was introduced as a boisterous, popular, and vulgar man. While he first came off as annoying, it later turned out that Hank had a huge heart. While Walt only claimed he put family first, Hank actually did it.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with the true hero of Breaking Bad? Hank was reliable, caring, and above else, incredibly funny. He might not be good at the pillow talk game, but he’s definitely going to stand by his loved ones’ side through thick and thin.

Avoid: Skyler

Skyler White in Breaking Bad

Skyler has a bad reputation among the fans of the show, even though she has a fair share of redeemable qualities. As a friend, she could always be counted on, but her loyalty and reliability came with a high price. Skyler was a control freak who had little tolerance for mistakes or differentiating opinions.

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Skyler also struggled to ask for what she needed, so there was a lot of resentment building inside of her. When Hank asked her to support Marie, Skyler exploded and shared how she truly felt about her “spoiled, kleptomaniac b**** sister”. So much for that friendly front she has going on and claiming that family comes first.

Befriend: Mike

Mike stood outside in a jacket in Breaking Bad

Because he was a man of few words, Mike often came across as calculating, cold, and indifferent. While this was not the man to go to for endless conversations, Mike was actually brimming with wisdom; a case in point is his half-measures speech. This cold-blooded killer was brutally honest, patient, and wholeheartedly devoted to his family.

His friends would always know where they stand and they’d enjoy a drama-free relationship. While there’s no denying many fans would love to be friends with Mike, it’s very unlikely this grumpy, disappointed old man would let anyone besides his granddaughter in his inner circle.

Avoid: Marie

Marie on the phone in Breaking Bad

While Marie is often regarded as one of the least intelligent characters on Breaking Bad, she was actually much smarter than she let on. She was insightful and empathetic. After all, she was the only one who told Walt that he should do whatever he wanted when he first got his diagnosis. When Skyler asked her to take care of her children, Marie obliged, no questions asked.

The problem with Marie is that she couldn’t keep a secret and thus could not be trusted. In addition to that, she was also a compulsive liar and a kleptomaniac. The latter doesn’t really matter – unless her friends want to return a gift she “bought” them, that is.

Befriend: Skinny Pete

Skinny Pete and Jesse argue about a spelling mistake in Breaking Bad

Skinny Pete might have served some time in prison, but his heart is in the right place. He loved his friends and would do anything to protect them. When Jesse was in the hospital, Skinny Pete was by his side. He drove out into the desert in an attempt to save Walt and Jesse in “4 Days Out” and refused to sell drugs to recovering addicts.

But where Skinny Pete really shined as a friend was in El Camino. His loyalty and kindness make him one of the best friends one could wish for on this show, even though he was struggling with substance abuse.

Avoid: Walt

Walt on the payphone in the Breaking Bad finale

Before his diagnosis, Walt lived a painfully average life and didn’t have any friends of his own, despite all of his potential and intelligence. He was a bit of a know-it-all, which is something people generally don’t appreciate in relationships. After his foray into the world of drug dealing, he turned into a megalomaniac.

His actions proved that he didn’t care about anybody but himself, even though he always claimed otherwise. Throughout the show, Walt betrayed nearly everybody: his entire family, Jesse, and even Mike, the man who spared his life on several occasions. Walt couldn’t be trusted at all!

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