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Breaking Bad: All The Characters Jesse Killed Directly

Jesse Pinkman tried to avoid violent confrontations in Breaking Bad but that didn't always work out. So which characters did he kill directly?

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) may not have been as comfortable with killing as his partner Walter White (Bryan Cranston), but there were times on Breaking Bad when he had to get his hands dirty. He put himself in a very dangerous situation by partnering with an expert chemist to become meth cooks, although that didn’t mean he was comfortable with the life of intense crime throughout Breaking Bad. Walter was the true mastermind behind the endeavor and Jesse was often just along for the ride.

Despite his part in helping grow a drug empire with Walt, Jesse could be seen as a victim for much of Breaking Bad. Walt constantly manipulated Jesse and put him in situations that he wasn’t mentally equipped to handle. Jesse tried to hold on as the moral compass of the series when it came to protecting innocent people who got involved in his crime-ridden life. By the end of the series, Jesse was pushed to his breaking point and that spilled over into the next chapter of his journey.

Over the five seasons of Breaking Bad, as well as the sequel movie, Jesse killed five people. Of course, his actions led to a number of other deaths including the demise of Tomás Cantillo, Hank Schrader, Steven Gomez, Andrea Cantillo, and various rival drug dealers. Here’s everyone that Jesse directly had a hand in killing.

Gale Boetticher

Gale humming to Mozart tunes at his apartment in Breaking Bad

Walt fully understood that Gale Boetticher was being groomed to replace his role as a cook in Gus’ superlab. The only way to remain as an asset would be to take out Gale from the equation. Before Gus’ men could do anything to Walt, Jesse arrived at Gale’s house and shot him in the head. This meant that Walt and Jesse were the sole “Blue Sky” meth cooks, giving them leverage in Gus’ drug trade. Gale’s murder occurred in the Breaking Bad season 3 finale and solidified Walt’s position as an enemy of Gus

Joaquin Salamanca

Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad season 4, Joaquin Salamanca, one of the remaining members of the Salamanca crime family, was present when Gus, Jesse, and Mike visited Don Eladio’s estate to discuss their operations. Joaquin was in another area of the property when Gus lethally poisoned Don Eladio and his men. While trying to make their escape from the compound, the trio was met by Joaquin. Mike was shot in the stomach and Jesse returned fire, shooting Joaquin multiple times in the chest and killing him.

Todd Alquist

Jesse Pinkman kills Todd in Breaking Bad

At the end of the Breaking Bad series finale, Walt traveled to the neo-Nazi compound and opened fire with a high-power weapon equipped to his vehicle. Not only did he get revenge on the men who double-crossed him but he also allowed his former business partner, Jesse, to escape. During the commotion, Jesse attacked his primary captor, Todd Alquist, and strangled him to death with the chains from his handcuffs. The extent of the abuse carried out by Todd would later be explained in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Neil Kandy and Casey

Breaking Bad

Neil Kandy and his partner Casey served as the primary antagonists in El Camino. The men posed as cops when Jesse was looking for a stash of money in Todd’s apartment. After a standoff, Jesse convinced Neil to allow him to keep a third of the money. Upon leaving the apartment, Jesse recognized Neil as the man who helped build Jack Welker’s meth lab during the events of Breaking Bad. In fact, Neil was present when Neil and Todd were tormenting Jesse as their captive. When Jesse learned that he needed more money, he tracked down Neil and Casey. Jesse and Neil agreed to a duel but Jesse was hiding a second gun in his jacket pocket. He quickly shot Neil to death and also took out Casey before letting the rest of the men to leave without harm as long as they didn’t fight for the money.

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