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Breaking Bad Characters Ranked From Least To Most Likely To Win In Squid Game

Breaking Bad has a few characters that would stand a good chance of winning the prize money in Squid Game, but who would make it to the final stages?

The characters in Breaking Bad are used to being in life-or-death situations, so in theory, the proceedings in Squid Game wouldn’t unsettle them too much. The Albuquerque residents are not only competitive by nature but they also adore money. They’d do their absolute best to make it to the end and win the $45.6 billion ($38 million).

Like the characters in the K-drama, each person from the critically-acclaimed AMC series will have their own reason for participating in the deadly games. Some will have a better chance given their traits, habits, experience, and general knowledge while others will be gunned down right off the bat.

Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman inside Todd's cage in Breaking Bad

Jesse will be lured in right after he plays Santa with most of his drug money and realizes he has made a mistake. He’ll take the card and make the call, but will he survive?

Jesse is always reluctant to take a life and whenever he does so, he becomes devastated and remorseful. This will be his undoing. He might survive the blackout night fights, but there’s one stage he’ll definitely not pass. Given how much Walt has done the thinking for him, Jesse will be quick to pair up with him during the marbles game, only to learn that the chemist will be his opponent and not his partner. Since Walt is smarter, he’ll definitely win and Jesse will be shot.

Tuco Salamanca

Tuco Salamanca raising his arms in annoyance in Breaking Bad.

Tuco will be among the first people to request to join the games. With the DEA sucking the life out of his drug empire, he will need more money to stay afloat.

Just like the gangster Jang Deok-su, Tuco will attempt to bully everyone on the island. It won’t be long before he tops some of the worst things the Squid Game characters did. Consequently, he will create enemies right from the start. And even though he will get the better of most of them by simply being a brute, he will struggle during tasks that require luck and intelligence, such as the marbles game and the glass bridge crossing.

Hank Schrader

The Recruiter might target Hank as he is recovering from the shootout with the Cousins and struggling to pay for treatment. The temptation to join will be high, but his being a lawman will make things difficult for him.

Hank hates crime, so he’ll be completely repulsed by everything that’s happening on the island. Like Jun-ho, it won’t be a surprise if he murders one of the guards, takes his identity, and tries to find the people who are running the whole thing. And just like it plays out in the AMC series, Hank will be discovered and shot right when he thinks he has finally unmasked the culprits.

Skyler White

Skyler White screaming and crying in the street in Breaking Bad

Since she doesn’t have a stable job, Skyler has gotten tired of being cash-strapped. When the van shows up to take her to the island, she won’t hesitate to enter.

Unfortunately for Skyler, she trusts too easily. Just as she believes Ted Beneke will use the money she gives him to pay the IRS, she will trust someone else during the games, hoping they have her back. This will subject her to the same disappointment Mi-nyeo faced. The person Skyler puts her trust in will betray her in her time of need, leading to her downfall. Skyler also takes an anti-crime stance several times in Breaking Bad and at some point during the games, her morality will get in the way of what needs to be done.


Badger with his finger to his temple and a beanie on his head on Breaking Bad.

As one of Jesse’s closest friends, Badger might join the games because he trusts the meth cook so much. Everything Jesse says is gospel to Badger, and he will be easily influenced to participate. He needs the money, too.

Badger’s good-heartedness will be on display for as long as he lasts. Just as Abdul Ali saves Gi-hun in the series, Badger will be willing to lend a hand to any fellow contestant who’s having a hard time. Like Skyler, his tendency to trust too much will be his undoing. Midway through the games, he’ll be backstabbed in the same manner that Sang-Woo, one of the bravest characters in Squid Game, did to Ali, leading to his death.

Todd Alquist

Todd’s greatest desire is to be a big-time gangster. That, coupled with the allure of millions of dollars, will have him waiting on the streets for the van. And having always lived a life of violence, he’ll feel right at home.

There’s no one Todd won’t kill, not even children. The night fights will be fun for him and in them, he’ll take plenty of lives. He’s also good at forcing people to do his bidding, evident from how he forced Jesse to cook. So, whether it’s figuring out how to cut shapes out of honeycombs or pulling ropes, Todd will strong-arm people into doing the heavy lifting for him. However, there’s only so much he can do with force, which isn’t enough to secure him the win.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike’s reason for joining will be to make enough to take care of his granddaughter Kaylee, whom he adores very much.

As a former police officer and enforcer, Mike has had bullets directed his way many times; he knows how to anticipate and possibly even dodge them. The red light, green light game will be child’s play for him — literally. And since he is good with people, gathering a team for the tug of war game should be easy for him too. Since Mike is fearless, he’ll likely die during the second last stage since he’ll try his luck but end up stepping on normal glass.

Gus Fring

Gus fires Walt in Breaking Bad

The drug lord probably doesn’t need the money. He might join the games for fun, or as a way to fall off the face of the earth when his enemies are hunting him down. Or, like one of the most powerful Squid Game characters Il-nam, Gus might just turn out to be the organizer.

Gus is good at pretending to be someone he is not, and Il-nam is a testament to the fact that this strategy works well during the games. Some of the players will be willing to give Gus a helping hand or sympathize with him, only for him to show his true colors later on. The box-cutter scene also proved that Gus can kill quite easily too, hence he’ll have no problem protecting himself. The only people who might outsmart him are Saul and Walter.

Saul Goodman

Saul on the phone in his office in Breaking Bad

The Saul Goodman & Associates owner never passes on the opportunity to make money, and when he is offered the chance to get millions, he’ll take it. After all, his suits and cars don’t come cheap.

If there’s one thing Saul is good at it’s finding ways to get things done. His network is so wide that he knows hackers from Belarus, so there’s a good chance he’ll know one of the guards. They’ll help him rig the games, letting him know which task is coming up next and how to overcome it, just like the doctor Byeong-gi. The ultimate challenge for Saul will be the final one.

Walter White

Walter White removes the pizza from the roof of his house in Breaking Bad

According to Walt’s calculations, he only needs $737,000 to make sure his family is set for life. Squid Game‘s $38 million will thus be more than enough for the man who is the most intelligent character in Breaking Bad.

With the desire to leave enough money for his family when he dies, Walt will be more motivated than the rest to emerge the victor. His chemistry knowledge will prove useful in the second game where players are required to pick shapes out of dalgonas. A scientist like him will easily know the difference between tapered glass and normal glass in the penultimate game. The final fight might be the only challenge for him, but he has proven that he can wrestle or engage in fisticuffs — even if he’ll need several minutes to catch a breath right after.

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