‘Cheers’: Why Did Frasier Claim His Father Was Dead?

The character of Frasier Crane first appeared on the iconic Boston-based classic comedy television series Cheers a few seasons into the show’s iconic run. And, at this point, fans had no idea of the legacy that would come of the newest bar patron. However, shortly after Cheers served its final mug of brew, the series spinoff, Frasier hit the airwaves…a series that would become one of the most-watched sitcoms to date.

This spin-off hit series follows Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane as he leaves Boston for Seattle. A psychotherapist with his radio talk show, Frasier Crane’s unlucky love-life plagues the former Cheers player.

All of this happens while Frasier is dealing with the hilarious trials and tribulations of his close friends and family. A crew that includes John Mahoney as Frasier’s father, Marin Crane. An odd character to meet in the new spin-off series some Cheers fans note; because Kelsey Grammer’s character once claimed in a Cheers episode that both his parents were deceased.

Frasier Crane Tells Cheers Crowd That Both His Parents Have Passed

During one episode of Cheers, Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier Crane tells the pub-runners and patrons that not only is he from a well-to-do family, but both his parents were scientists. And, the character adds, both his mother and father had already passed away.

However, tracking this doesn’t quite work once we see Frasier return to his hometown of Seattle…where his dad, Martin is still residing. The Cheers and Frasier showrunners became determined to not let this inconsistency slip through the tracks, however. And, this series irregularity is addressed head-on in a second season episode of Frasier.

One Former Cheers Character Inquires About The Inconsistency Among Shows

In the second season episode of Frasier titled The Show Where Sam Shows Up, Ted Danson’s Sam Malone visits the psychotherapist. During this appearance on Frasier, Sam Malone confronts Kelsey Grammer’s titular character about this untruth; upon meeting Martin Crane for the first time.

Frasier admits that at the time he made the comment on Cheers, he and Martin were in an argument. The two had been estranged for some time so Frasier made up the story about his father’s death.

Sure, this isn’t an ideal – or perfect – explanation by any means. But, it certainly works in the series. Especially since Grammer’s character in the series is known to be uptight and, at times, fairly petty. An argument that leads Frasier to these lengths is certainly a plausible explanation. Plus, this works well with the core storyline behind the Frasier series. The reconnection between Frasier and his father – who are as opposite as they come – is core to the award-winning spin-off series.

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