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Chuck Norris Fights Back in Sci-Fi Action Film ‘Agent Recon’ Trailer

“Earth needs its greatest heroes.” Quiver Distr. has revealed an official trailer for a super cheesy action sci-fi thriller called Agent Recon, the latest from filmmaker Derek Ting after Agent Revelation a few years ago. This brings back the iconic action mega star Chuck Norris for one more showdown on screen – sporting a minigun this time. A covert military task force tracks an energy disturbance at a secret base in New Mexico that is suspected of experimenting on alien technology. Once there, the team encounters an unknown being of extraordinary strength and speed, and an army of mindless warriors. The trio must battle these hordes to prevent humanity’s demise. Starring Chuck NorrisMarc SingerDerek TingSylvia KwanJason Scott Jenkins, and Nikki Leigh. “My stunt team pushed the boundaries of my vision for clear grounded action elevated with motivated storytelling, and we had Chuck’s son Dakota come on board to choreograph all of his father’s fight sequences,” Ting explains. This doesn’t look too bad – it might end up being a fun one.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Derek Ting’s film Agent Recon, direct from Quiver’s YouTube:

Agent Recon Poster

Agent Recon Poster

Alastair (Norris), the commander of a covert Earth security task force, calls upon super-powered rookie Jim (Ting) to go on a mission led by battle-hardened Colonel Green (Singer) and his seasoned marines to track a mysterious energy disturbance from a base in New Mexico suspected of experimenting on alien technology. When the team encounters an unknown being of not only extraordinary strength and speed, but the ability to control mindless warriors, the trio must fight through unstoppable hordes to uncover the truth behind the hostile alien fortress and prevent humanity’s demise. Agent Recon is written and directed by Hong Kong-American actor / writer / filmmaker Derek Ting, director of the action films AlwaysAgent, and Agent Revelation previously, plus a few other short films. It’s also produced by Derek Ting, along with Joyce Yung. This hasn’t premiered at any festivals or elsewhere, as far as we know.

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