Do you know who pulled these pranks on M*A*S*H?

At the 4077th, there were tricks only. No treats.

The 4077th was full of practical jokesters! Doctors, nurses and even commanding officers can be seen pulling pranks on their colleagues, but who pulled what prank?

We took some especially funny pranks from throughout the series to see if you could identify the person (or persons) who concocted the scheme. Some are relatively easy, while others may trip you up! Can you get them all right?

    1. BJ concocted an elaborate scheme to trick Frank into jumping into his water filled air-raid shelter, but who did he get to yell ‘air raid’ and start the prank?
    2. This is a bit tricky, but who made Charles sit on a chair covered in glue?
    3. Who put a glob of oatmeal in Hawkeye’s boot?
  1. Who put minnows in Margaret’s uniform pockets on April Fool’s Day?
  2. This one’s pretty easy. Who shaves off half of BJ’s moustache in a revenge prank?
  3. Who dumps a bucket of water on Hawkeye’s head?
  4. Who fakes a heart attack to prank the 4077th?
  5. In that same episode, the officers of the 4077th conspire to dump a bucket of beer on someone, but who actually pulls the rope?
  6. Do we know who replaces Father Mulcahy’s bathrobe with this lovely frock?
  7. Who wakes up Frank by throwing snow on his toes?
  8. Who ruins Margaret and Frank’s date night with a trick candle, a broken cot and pudding in the pillow?
  9. Who steals Hawkeye and Trapper’s bathrobes while they are in the shower?
  10. Uh oh, Hawkeye is once again without a bathrobe, but this time with BJ? Who stole their bathrobes this time?

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