‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Brad Garrett Ties the Knot With IsaBeall Quella

Those who watched Everybody Loves Raymond likely remember Brad Garrett’s character, Robert, went a long time before finally getting married. The same could have been said for Garrett but not anymore, as he married longtime girlfriend IsaBeall Quella recently.

In a PEOPLE exclusive, Garrett talked about his new bride, saying he “married the love of my life.” He also confirmed the two married one another on November 11, 2021, in Montecito, California. The outlet disclosed Quella wore a Reem Acra-designed gown, while Garrett donned a Di Stefano suit.

Garrett and Quella first met one another back in 2008 at Vose Galleries in Boston. Quella was working there at the time and the two hit it off instantly. Seven years later, Garrett proposed to Quella in December 2015 at the Winston Churchill suite of the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

You may wonder why it took the two so long to finally marry, but they attempted to do so four times before now. COVID-19 caused the first two delays, wildfires caused another, while a mudslide postponed it a fourth time. The two currently live in Malibu with their two dogs, Ivy and Chester.

The two are undoubtedly happy, especially Garrett who has never been shy talking about Quella. Just last year for her birthday, he wrote her a touching tribute on Instagram. “You are truly the most incredible human I’ve ever met. As not to embarrass you because I know your humility I’ll just say Thank You. For everything,” he stated.

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Patricia Heaton Shares Video Celebrating Three Years of Sobriety

While Brad Garrett celebrated his new marriage last year, another Everybody Loves Raymond star did some celebrating of her own. Patricia Heaton shared a video last year in honor of her being sober for three years.

Shortly after the 4th of July last year, Heaton shared a video on Instagram after finishing her walk. Talking about July being a time to celebrate our country, she disclosed it had also been three years since she touched alcohol. “Hello friends,” Heaton began. “Just finishing my, what, three-and-a-half mile walk around the reservoir.”

“It’s July, so we celebrate our nation’s freedom,” she continued. “Also, celebrating three years of freedom from alcohol for me. Just wanted to share that with you and message me if any of you are thinking about doing that, any of you are doing that now and need some encouragement or anything at all. Have a great day.”

Heaton shared last year she realized she had an alcohol problem at a dinner party with three of her sons. She drank way more than she realized and it got to a point where she tried saying the word “tradition,” but couldn’t. After trying three times and failing, she was incredibly embarrassed, especially after one of her sons called her out on it.

Since then, she hasn’t touched alcohol and you can tell she’s all the happier for it.

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