How well do you remember Christmas on M*A*S*H?

M*A*S*H crafted three touching Christmas tales, in seasons one, seven and nine. (They even wrote the rare Boxing Day episode with “Twas the Day After Christmas” in season ten.)
Those three classics stand out as some of the best episodes in the series, and remain favorites of fans. So, how well do you remember them?
    1. M*A*S*H told its first Christmas tale in just its twelfth episode. To whom is Hawkeye writing a letter throughout the episode?
    2. What is Radar mailing home, piece by piece?
    3. Who is flying in the helicopter dressed as Santa in this episode?
  1. What is Blake awkwardly trying to teach everyone?
  2. Hawkeye writes that Blake “as a commanding officer [is] a bit like being on a sinking liner and finding out the captain is…” who?
  3. Who is writing home for Christmas in season seven’s “Dear Sis”?
  4. What does Potter say he had to eat for a holiday meal while serving in the Black Forest?
  5. What does Radar give Winchester for Christmas?
  6. Who is dressed up as Santa in “Dear Sis”?
  7. What Christmas song does everyone sing at the end of “Dear Sis”?
  8. Next, we have the touching season nine Christmas episode “Death Takes a Holiday.” What does Winchester give Klinger for Christmas?
  9. What, er, unique Christmas dish does Rizzo cook up for the orphans?
  10. Winchester learns that the orphanage sold off his presents for the children. Why did the orphanage sell the Holiday treats instead of giving them to the kids?
  11. Finally, who dresses up as Santa in this episode?

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