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‘Little House on the Prairie’s Karen Grassle Snaps Pics of Huge Bison at Golden Gate Park

Karen Grassle, of Little House on the Prairie fame, has been quite active recently! The beloved actress shared a collection of pictures on her Instagram account. The pictures show her and a friend visiting Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA.

Grassle writes: “I wanted to share some of my pics of my Danish friend and I being tourists in Golden Gate Park from a little while back. Check out the Bison, something you don’t see everyday. What a fantastic thing a great city park is! People of all sorts enjoying the air and the green and each other. We had a great day! #latergram.”

In her caption, she explains that the pictures are from a recent excursion that she and friend took. She comments on the beauty of a great city park. Then, she included the hashtag ‘#latergram,’ indicating that she had taken the photos at an earlier juncture and is just now uploading them to Instagram.

The first picture depicts Grassle and her friend posing in front of a lush background of trees and an open meadow, reminiscent of the golden prairies on her famed TV show. The second photo is another picture of the pair of friends. However, this time, it’s a selfie with more lush greenery in the background.

The third photo shows three majestic bison grazing and relaxing in their fenced-in field. One bison wanders in the distance while the other two are sprawled on the ground and basking in the sunlight. These bison are the descendants of ones that used to roam the frontier prairies depicted in Little House on the Prairie.

The fourth picture depicts a large twisted swath of bramble and branches. It’s a standout, beautiful image that captures the natural beauty of the Californian landscape. This fourth image concludes Grassle’s Instagram post.

What is Golden Gate Park?

Golden Gate Park is a massive and historic city park in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1870 and is shaped similarly to New York’s Central Park. However, Golden Gate Park is actually 20% bigger.

Karen Grassle was one of 24 million annual visitors to Golden Gate Park. This incredible amount of visitors makes it the most visited city park in the United States behind Central Park and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Karen Grassle must’ve certainly been reminded of the set of Little House on the Prairie when visiting the rolling greens of Golden Gate Park. However, Grassle continues to keep a strong social media presence which updates her fans on her daily life. For instance, she recently posted gardening photos with her son Zach and friends.

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