Married Since 1972, Who’s Demond Wilson Wife? His Love Life In Detail

Demond Wilson is a former actor who became the international star for his breakthrough role Lamont Sanford, the son of Fred Sanford in the cult-hit NBC sitcom Sanford and Son.

But, Wilson’s real-life story is a little different who has faced a lot of major ups and downs from one time $40,000 weekly earning with a Rolls-Royce in the driveway to heavy cocaine addiction to an unusual move as an ordained preacher.

Oh, we forgot to talk about who is Demond Wilson’s wife? His brave woman also stuck by his side through feast and famine. The couple has six children. Let’s find out a lot more about their long-time marriage!

Who Is Demond Wilson Wife? They Married In 1972

Well, Demond is married to his wife named Cicely Johnston. She is a former stewardess turned model. The couple tied the knot in 1972. The same year, Decomd landed his iconic role in Sanford and Son.

Demond Wilson With Wife Cicely Johnston
Demond Wilson With Wife Cicely Johnston

The couple has been in a relationship for nearly a half-century which in itself speaks highly of their commitment towards each other. Despite their together for such a long time, the husband and wife seem pretty much happy as a couple.

Demond Wilson Six Children With Cicely

The married couple Wilson and Cicely are doting parents of six children. They have two sons Christopher Wilson and Demond Jr. Wilson as well as four daughters, Nicole WisonMelissa Wilson, and Sarah Louise Wilson. Wilson referred to their son Christopher as the “family jock.” He used to play Little League baseball and soccer.

All of them are doing fantastic in their respective fields. But they maintain a very low-key existence out of the public glare. In an interview with TheSevenSunny, Demond told that he is also a grandfather of three grandchildren.

Daughter Sarah Is Following In Her Father’s Footsteps

Sarah is a writer and an occasional actress who performed in the ensemble production of the American College Premiere of At Risk. She also has also tried her hands in writing, working for several well-known artists such as Alejandro FernandezTommy James, and more.

Sarah studied at College of the Desert, in California. She also worked as an editor of her college newspaper The Chaparral.

Was Addicted To Drug After Returned Home From Army Duty

In 1966, Wilson was enlisted in the American Armed Force. By the time the decorated veteran returned home, he had been addicted to drugs. By the time the decorated veteran returned home, he had been addicted to drugs.

Upon his return, he began a career in show-business. He featured in popular shows like Baby, I’m Back, and The New Odd Couple. At the height of his acting career, the actor was paid $40,000 a week for his role in The New Odd Couple.

Cicely Johnston is a former actor
Cicely Johnston is a former actor

He lived with his wife and children in a 27-room antique-filled house located in Beverly Hills. He also had a $750,000 condo in Century City. Wilson was the proud owner of Rolls-Royce. Sor far, the actor was a heavy drug user at the time who spent $1,000-a-week in the addiction.

Demond Had Extramarital Affairs While Married To Wife Cicely Johnston

In the meantime, Wilson was also involved in numerous extra-marital affairs. Despite all that, his marriage with Cicely Loise Johnston going smoothly. But things took a different turn when the actor told his decision to quit acting to his wife. He maintained after his last appearance on prime-time television on The New Odd Couple (1982–1983),

“I’d go home and tell my wife I didn’t want to be doing this; I kept hoping the money would make me happy. But the more I made, the more my life came apart. I was depressed; Cicely was depressed. She even left me.”

But, the couple later reunited and still going strong.

Spiritual Epiphany

Wilson experienced a spiritual epiphany in May 1982 while playing tennis. He realized his life was hollow. His wife was in the hospital and the closest neighbor he had was living half a mile away. Despite all the wealth, he felt completely left out.

He prayed,

“Lord Jesus, if you put my family back together, if you give me my mind back, I’ll turn it around.”

Over the next six months, his life completely transformed. He became obsessed with his newfound beliefs and finally found peace. He told out his Beverly Hills house in 1984 and moved to a smaller place on a lake in Orange County with his family.

Wilson formed the Restoration House of America in 1994. It provides Spiritual guidance and vocational training to ex-convicts and prison inmates.

He preached the word of Jesus Christ and appeared as a guest preacher at the Ephesian Church of God too. Since then, he has been living content and happy.

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