M*A*S*H*: 10 Memes That We Can All Relate To

M*A*S*H* was a show that aired back in 1972 that showcased a group of comedic doctors during the Korean War. Here are some great memes it created.

MASH was a show that first aired back in 1972 that showcased a fictional group of comedic doctors during the Korean War. It was an instant hit and fans of the series still rave about it to this day. Many have turned several parts of the show into classic memes, that everyone can relate to whether they have seen the show or not.

The memes listed are hilariously good as anyone can see a portion of themselves within them. An understanding of the show is not important, as the simple sentences or body language of the characters in the memes tell enough of a story on their own. Keep reading to learn about 10 M*A*S*H* memes that we can all relate to!

10Arguments Can Be Tricky

When entering into an argument with a friend, one always comes out the victor. It usually ends with the other playing dumb when they realize their fatal mistake, but it is often easy for the winner to call them out on it.

The loser must play a special kind of dumb and argue their way into a spot of agreement with the winner. Fans can’t stop laughing at this meme and the truth behind its accurate words.

9Procrastination Is A Big Issue

When it comes time to finish homework, our brain never seems ready to cooperate. It feels groggy and ready to head to bed, rather than waste away in front of some difficult math or history lessons.

It is hard not to relate to this meme, as homework could also be interpreted as work that had to be taken home or a household project that needed to be finished.

8Anxiety Trumps Sleep

It can be difficult to fall asleep as a person’s mind is sent into overload every time their head hits the pillow. The thoughts of everything we forgot and burdens weighing over us have a knack for keeping the brain awake.

It is like a quiet whisper in a person’s ear that slowly grows louder the harder a person tries to fall asleep.

7Vacations Leave Us With Doubts

It is easy to forget something when heading out on a vacation as there are several things that need to be taken care of before a person leaves. This includes packing, locking the door on the way out, and ensuring the garage door closes before heading out on an adventure.

Many can relate to this face as they attempt to remember if they did this before they left, or if they will come back to a house that was robbed. It can be stressful as many push their minds to the limit to try and remember if the infamous door was closed after all.

6Drinking Is Better Than Responsibility

Responsibility seems to pull at a person around every corner, especially as things begin to pile up. Luckily, drinking is a much better option as a person chooses to relax and avoid the burdens that life has placed on them.

Life is stressful and sometimes everyone needs a day that they can sit back and relax in order to recuperate to allow their bodies time to find the energy to complete these tedious tasks.

5Finishing A Story Is Not Always Easy

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Everyone has that one friend who likes to interrupt them halfway through the retelling of a riveting story. It is annoying, but it is also a part of who they are and their friends have learned to accept it.

That doesn’t stop their friends from giving this face every time they decide to cut into a conversation with something totally unrelated. It can leave them wondering at times why their friendship exists, but it is a single flaw that they have learned to look past.

4Friends Are One Of A Kind

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A person’s friends often have needs that make them more relatable to that of a child or a pet. They want a person to do things for them and be there when they need help standing back on their own two feet.

It can be tedious at times, but friendships go both ways as they would willingly do the same for their own friends. This meme is something everyone can relate to as they think about their own relationships with their friends.

3Brains And Beauty Don’t Mix

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Some people have probably had a crush on someone based solely on their looks, and the second they meet the person sees how dumb they truly are.

Many can relate to this look as a person questions whether or not a certain string of words actually left their crush’s mouth. It can be a major turnoff, while others are able to overlook their lack of brain cells and still pursue a relationship.

2Prayers Are Needed For Some Exams

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People often feel overwhelmed when it comes time for exams to take place, or they know a test will account for a large portion of their grade. They put off studying because of this and when the day of the test arrives they feel unprepared.

Students often turn to alternative methods, like prayer or a lucky charm to give them a passing grade.

1Shenanigans Never End Well

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Groups of friends are often involved in a wide array of shenanigans, and they always lead to a good time.

Many can relate to this look that says the fun is about to begin as another friend creates chaotic magic that everyone can enjoy. It doesn’t always end well, but it creates lasting memories that no one will ever forget.

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