‘M*A*S*H’ Star Loretta Swit Said the Cast ‘Might As Well Be Joined at the Hip’ in 2017 Interview

M*A*S*H is a timeless comedy that surrounds a group of soldiers at a mobile army surgical hospital. On the classic CBS show, the characters are in the midst of the Korean war. And they find that laugher and friendship is the best way to deal with the ugliness of battle.

Fans were—and still are—drawn to the show because of the warmth between the legendary characters. The friendships seemed genuine. And that’s because they were. According to Alan Alda, who played Hawkeye Pierce, the actors worked hard to make sure they had a real bond. That way, their on-screen relationships would feel more realistic.

“We figured out how to relay to one another off-camera by sitting in a circle of chairs and just kidding with one another and laughing together,” he said in a FOX News interview. “It was the essence of the show. Once we began talking to each other, we quickly got past that experience of sitting in chairs and sharing stories.” Then he continued, “we had this connection when cameras turned on. And it turned our performances into something much more alive than it would have been otherwise.”

M*A*S*H Star Loretta Swit Says That Her Friendship With Her Castmates Has Lasted Through The Decades

And in another FOX interview, Loretta Swit said that those friendships have lasted through the years. In fact, the castmates are practically “joined at the hip.” So all the bonding they did onset created beautiful relationships that carried on throughout the past 5 decades.

Swit believes that the character of M*A*S*H grew to be honorary family members of 1970s and 80s TV viewers. Everyone loved their quirky charm and wholesome wit. And that’s why the show is still so popular in syndication.

“We went into your home every week and we have become your family,” she said. “We got passed down from generation to generation. I think the writing was superb, the humor was intelligent…”

And that true family feel that fans get when they sit down with an episode began with the actors and actresses of the series. The cast of the famous wartime dramedy is Swit’s chosen family. And according to her, she’s always with her M*A*S*H friends.

“We might as well be joined at the hip!” said Swit. “We see each other quite frequently… Every time we lose a comrade, it’s a body blow. We feel it harshly, badly. People always ask me, ‘Do you ever see them?’ When do I not see them?! These aren’t casual acquaintances from years ago. This is my family… So much of my life can be credited to my family.”

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