Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassell, after years the truth: why she left him

The two met while shooting a movie ‘The apartment‘, in which they both participated. They fell in love right away and decided to start a journey together: the couple got married in 1999 a Montecarlo, and then their firstborn was born Deva in 2004 and the second child Leonie in 2010. Three years later, the official news of divorce: what is the real reason for their separation?

Monica Bellucci left Vincent Cassel

In 2013, Monica and Vincent decided to separately by conciliation and nothing too much conflicts e scream. The two are in fact many in the very beginning destined and they did not reveal much about the end of their romance.

However, rumors spread inevitably, and many rumors always reveal that the real cause of the breakup was a infidelity to him. At the time of the wedding, in fact he made a ‘important promise to Bellucci: his wife will forgive in an end physical betrayal I am another infidelity in the mind. This is really the breaking this promise to break the balance in the couple.

Monica Bellucci he discovers an unexpected fact: apparently, Vincent is amused relationship with another woman in Brazil. As announced by ‘Dagospia‘, the actress will be the same several times betrayed from Vincent but, when he himself understood his feelings towards another named woman Ana Cristina, has already decided leave it forever.

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I don’t believe in carnal fidelity, I do not want to know, I did not call to find out“, The beautiful actress announced in an interview,”I am interested in love, the rest is better not to ask“.

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Cassel will in fact have a real one parallel story to him it is on Rio De Jainero, it really is lived a double life. In other words, there was nothing else to do: Bellucci decided to move on divorce, and Vincent would have agreed immediately. On the other hand, the promise is broken: nothing else.I know‘and other’ma‘.

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