Pokemon TCG Reveals First Hisuian Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has revealed the first Pokemon cards featuring Pokemon and other characters from the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus game. The new cards will appear in the Japanese set “Battle Legion” which is due to be released on February 25th. The two Pokemon confirmed for the set are Wyrdeer and Kleavor, both of which will have standard cards and “Character Gallery” cards, which are full art cards showing the Pokemon with their signature trainer. In this case, the Character Gallery cards feature the Wardens Lian and Mai. A Supporter card featuring Commander Kamado of the Galaxy Expedition Team will also be released in the new set. You can check out the Character Gallery versions of the cards below: 

(Photo: Pokemon)
(Photo: Pokemon)

The new cards will likely appear in the English/international set “Astral Radiance,” which will appear in May. While not formally announced by The Pokemon Company, retailer listings revealed that the new set will be released in May. Leaks confirmed that Palkia and Dialga’s Origin Formes will be the set’s mascots. “Astral Radiance” will follow the release of Brilliant Stars, which comes out later this month in the US and internationally. The new Brilliant Stars expansion will add a new VSTAR mechanic to the game, which gives players the ability to use a VSTAR Power once per game. The mechanic acts as a combination of sorts for the Pokemon VMAX mechanic currently used in the game, as well as the GX mechanic used in the previous “Sun and Moon” cycle. A new “Sparkling Pokemon” mechanic will also be introduced to the card game at a later point in time. 

In addition to Astral Radiance, The Pokemon Company has also announced plans to release a Pokemon TCG card set featuring art and cards based on Pokemon Go, continuing a collaboration between Niantic and the Pokemon TCG that started last year. That set will be released this summer. 

Expect to hear more news about Hisuian Pokemon in the Pokemon Trading Card Game in the near future. In the meantime, the Brilliant Stars expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game will be released on February 25th. 

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