Laurel and Hardy

Police looking for ‘Laurel and Hardy’ lookalike thieves

People in Wrexham urged to be beware of the dodgy duo who may try to sell stolen goods

Police are looking for two thieves who may look like Laurel and Hardy. It follows the theft of two jet wash machines in Wrexham, last Thursday, by two men who may resemble the comedy legends.

A Facebook post by NWP Wrexham Town said: “Kingsmills Road – report of two jet wash machines stolen by two men – one is “wide & bald” the other taller with a skinny face – sounds like Laurel & Hardy… if you are offered a jet wash be suitably suspicious [of the] pair please let us know.”

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The police update also said there were reports of “two males slapping each other around the face in a newsagent on Smithfield road – I wonder if its Laurel & Hardly again. They walk off together.”

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