Remember Aunt Esther from ‘Sanford & Son?’ She had a sibling who also starred on the show

  • LaWanda Page was a comedian and actress better known for her role as Aunt Esther in the sitcom ‘Sandford & Son.’
  • Did you know she had a sister that was actually part of the cast of that same show too?

Celebritist learned from I Love Old School Music that the late comedian LaWanda Page and her younger sister never told anybody that they were actually related.

LaWanda Page is remembered by many for her interpretation of the cunning, sly and very unapologetic Aunt Esther in the 70’s successful TV comedy, ‘Sanford & Son.’

Now, years after the finale of the series and also after LaWanda’s death, we have learned that the actress actually had a sister that worked with her on the series, but they never revealed that tiny detail to the public.

Page’s little sister is none other than Lynn Hamilton who played the role of Donna Harris, Fred Sandford’s girlfriend, on the series.

According to reports, LaWanda and Lynn were a pretty tight duo and they always took care of each other, so it’s a little mysterious how they managed to keep the nature of their relationship away from the public for so long.

LaWanda and Redd Foxx, who portrayed Fred Sanford, were very close friends from high school and it was him who recommended Page for the role of Aunt Esther.

However, since Page was not used to the sitcom format because she always did stand-up comedy, the producers of the show were not convinced about letting her stay.

Foxx then intervened and threatened to leave the show if the role was not given to LaWanda.

The producers finally let her try for the part and she easily became one of the most popular and beloved ’70s TV characters.

Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesofUkraine
Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesofUkraine

Lynn, on the other hand, though less popular than her sister, has worked on several series throughout all her career, like ‘The Waltons’, ‘Good Times’, ‘Dangerous Women’, ‘The Golden Girls’, ‘Roots: The Next Generations’ and ‘The Practice.’

Lynn survived her older sister, who died at age 81 in 2002.

And it was actually LaWanda’s obituary that confirmed the relationship between these two sisters.

Did you know that these two actresses were siblings?

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