Seinfeld: The Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

Jerry and his friends are the heart of Seinfeld, but since the sitcom had a short first season, many fan-favorite characters didn't debut until later.

The first season of Seinfeld isn’t generally considered its best. While there are a few memorable episodes, there are only five in total and the show doesn’t hit its stride until season 2. The core characters are introduced here, as fans get to know comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends: silly Cosmo Kramer, neurotic George Costanza, and hilarious Elaine Benes.

The first season doesn’t include many other characters since it’s so short, but Jerry’s parents do appear briefly. Once season 2 starts, viewers begin getting to know some other people in Jerry and his friends’ lives, whether they’re a fellow comedian, love interests, or George’s parents.

10David Puddy

David Puddy is introduced in the season 6 episode “The Fusilli Jerry” and he and Elaine have a fairly unhappy romance.

The couple is on-again, off-again, as Elaine gets really upset with Puddy, and he can’t help but be exactly himself. He’s one of the best characters introduced after season 1 as he isn’t very smart and has a deadpan way of speaking, and that causes a lot of tension with Elaine. It’s funny to see Elaine dating someone who loves sports so much and with whom she doesn’t have much in common. One of his best moments is when he won’t read on an airplane and keeps staring in front of him.

9Uncle Leo

From stealing from a bookstore to getting upset that Jerry throws Marty’s watch in the garbage, Uncle Leo is a huge part of Seinfeld, and he’s another favorite character who is introduced after season 1.

Jerry has a funny relationship with his relatives that many viewers can relate to. While he loves them and spends quite a lot of time with them, he also finds them endlessly frustrating and often feels obligated to do things that he would rather not. Leo and Jerry have a special relationship as they bug each other and don’t always understand the other person, but they do care.


It’s hard to picture Seinfeld without the presence of Newman. In season 2, his voice can be heard in the episode “The Revenge,” and he first shows up in the season 3 episode “The Suicide.”

Newman is mainly connected to Jerry and Kramer on the show, as he and Jerry dislike each other but he supports Kramer’s outlandish schemes. Newman is a memorable character as he’s a mail carrier who gets stressed out about delivering mail to the people on his route, which is quirky and perfectly Seinfeld.

7Frank Costanza

George’s hilarious father Frank first appears in the season 4 episode “The Handicap Spot” and it’s amazing to think that he doesn’t show up sooner, as he has such a strong presence on the sitcom.

Frank is a favorite as he’s angry, doesn’t realize that he’s so funny, and of course, he creates Festivus. Fans love this holiday and enjoy watching him explain the origin and point of it, including the “airing of grievances.”

6Estelle Costanza

While it feels like George’s mother Estelle has always been on Seinfeld, she is introduced to fans in the season 4 episode “The Contest.” George explains to his friends that while he was enjoying himself alone in his room when Estelle walked in on him, and it was awkward and embarrassing for both of them.

Estelle is often in hysterics as she feels wronged by society and while she complains about her husband and son all the time, she also doesn’t make much of an effort to spend time with other people. Estelle is often outraged that George has turned out the way that he has.

5Mr. Pitt

Elaine seems to enjoy working in the publishing industry, but she doesn’t have the best time at the various companies where she works. Something always seems to go wrong, and fans can relate to her as everyone has had a tough time finding a dream job.

Mr. Pitt is introduced in season 6 as Elaine’s boss. He’s super eccentric and is best known for eating a Snickers bar with a knife and fork. Elaine spends a lot of time trying to figure him out and then realizes that she really can’t.

4Kenny Bania

Jerry can be an immature character and fellow comedian Kenny Bania definitely brings out this side of him.

Jerry really dislikes being in Bania’s company, but unfortunately, they see each other often. Bania’s most memorable episode is season 6’s “The Soup” when Bania gives Jerry a designer suit and says he can buy him a meal. When Jerry buys him soup, Bania says, “Soup is not a meal,” which is one of the most famous lines on the show. While some find Bania to be annoying, which he can be, he’s a big part of the show and one of the better characters introduced later on.


Jerry has many love interests who are likable and others who aren’t so beloved. Meryl is one of the better ones and it’s adorable watching her and Jerry both order pancakes when out for breakfast. Their relationship seems pretty solid.

Jerry dates Meryl in the season 5 episode “The Wife” and they pretend to be married for a dry cleaning discount. This is a great storyline, as fans know that Jerry isn’t ready to settle down, and of course, things don’t work out for very long.

2J. Peterman

Fans met Peterman in the season 6 episode “The Understudy” and he’s one of the best bosses Elaine has.

Peterman is one of the most offbeat characters on the show, telling wild stories and getting caught up in the past, and he has trouble running his catalog company, so he hands it over to Elaine and goes to Burma. Fans enjoy watching the odd work life that Elaine has and Peterman is a big part of that, making him one of the greatest characters on Seinfeld who is introduced after season 1.


In one of the most famous Seinfeld scenes, Elaine asks a woman in the bathroom stall next to her for some toilet paper and the woman says no.

This takes place in the season 5 episode “The Stall” and the woman turns out to be Jane, Jerry’s current girlfriend. Elaine has many famous episodes and this one is just as memorable, as Elaine is perhaps a bit too annoyed that Jane couldn’t “spare a square.” Jane may be on the show briefly, but she makes a big impression.

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