Steven Spielberg Reportedly Developing Frank Bullitt Movie Based on the Steve McQueen Classic

“Bullitt” fans rejoice as director Steven Spielberg could make a Frank Bullitt movie based on the 1968 Steve McQueen classic flick.

McQueen played the famous San Francisco cop in the film. Its famous car chase scene is often remarked as one of the best to hit movie screens.

According to Variety, Josh Singer, who was behind newspaper movies “The Post” and “Spotlight,” will write the screenplay. Kristie Macosko Krieger will produce the film with the director.

McQueen’s son Chad McQueen and granddaughter Molly McQueen are executive producing with the McQueen estate to secure the rights to the character.

There are few details (screenplay, characters, etc.) about Steven Spielberg’s film other than it’s not getting worked on in November. The 75-year-old director’s next movie, “The Fablemans,” comes out that month. The original studio that released the film, Warner Bros., would also be this film’s backer.

Not A Remake, But a Bullitt Story

Before you get hyped up about seeing the classic car chase in 2022 San Francisco, you have to know that Spielberg’s new film is an original story about the character. The 1968 film came from the 1963 novel “Mute Witness.” It involved Bullitt’s investigation into the death of a mob informant he was supposed to be protecting.

As for that legendary car chase, McQueen did all of his own driving in a modified Ford Mustang. The film won an Oscar for best editing with a nomination for Best Sound.

As for Steven Spielberg’s take on the Bullitt character, no script or actor deals are in place just yet. Also, this will not be the filmmaker’s next movie after “The Fablemans” debuts in November.

Wait, I Thought Spielberg Was Going To Do A Western?

Spielberg teased country-western fans after his latest remake of “West Side Story” about doing something in that genre.

The director is a big fan of the John Wayne film, “The Searchers.” An early Spielberg’s movie inspiration was that film’s director, John Ford.

Steven Spielberg once said of Ford, “I try to rent a John Ford film, one or two before I start every movie. Simply because he inspires me, and I’m very sensitive to the way he uses his camera to paint his pictures.”

Spielberg’s come close with a few Western-themed works. He made 1971’s “Duel” and worked on the 2005 series “Into The West.”

He only produced that series, but it picked up received 16 Emmy Award nominations in 2006.

Clearly, the famous director is up for a challenge after the classic musical “West Side Story.” It’s also got nominations for picture, supporting actress, production design, costume design, sound, and cinematography. 

Who knows? Maybe the famed director can spin some gold with a Costner, Elliott, or somebody.  

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