The 10 Wildest Things That Happened On Yellowstone, Ranked

Yellowstone is a show filled with twists and turns, with a handful of memorable moments being truly wild, tragic, and shocking for viewers.

It’s clear that Yellowstone hasn’t been short on events since its premiere. Whether it’s fighting land developers, trespassers, or even amongst their own family, the Duttons are always up against one enemy or another. None of the Duttons are afraid to do what needs to be done, even if it means dropping off a person or two at the “train station.”

They make threats and carry them out when need be to protect their land and their loved ones, and if anyone messes with them, they don’t hesitate to send a message that those people won’t soon forget. From forcing trespassing bikers to dig their own graves to the attack on Beth, Kayce and John in the Season 3 finale, Yellowstone has had plenty of wild things happen thus far.

10 When Evelyn Died

In a flashback, audiences get to see what happened to the matriarch Dutton. While out riding with Beth and Kayce, Evelyn’s horse was spooked, and she subsequently fell off and was crushed by her horse. Evelyn was very hard on Beth, and it’s revealed that she insisted Beth get help, given Evelyn believed the accident had been caused by Beth to begin with.

It helps audiences understand Beth more, and it provides an insight into the tragedy that forever changed the Dutton family, as help did not arrive in time and Evelyn succumbed to her injuries.

9 When The Horse Thieves Met A Grim Fate

Jamie, who has recently been named the Livestock Commissioner, sends a livestock agent, Steve, to help out when Jamie receives a call about a couple of horse thieves. Steve and another deputy quickly locate the thieves and decide to teach them a lesson by locking them inside a trailer and driving it around.

However, Steve goes too far in his driving by speeding and then slamming on the brakes, on a bumpy road no less. Upon returning, he opens the trailer to find that the two thieves inside have died, as they were beaten to death from the ride, which lands him in quite a bit of trouble.

8 When John Taught The Trespassing Bikers A Lesson

The Yellowstone Dutton Ranch already has a lot on their plate when they come across trespassing bikers on their property. Trying to get them to leave leads to a big brawl, and, later, the bikers return after dark to burn the field and cause some real damage. Luckily, John, Kayce, and several others are waiting for them, and John makes the bikers dig their own graves while at gunpoint to teach them a lesson.

He does let them go, but he promises that if they ever return, he intends on keeping the graves where they are and that he will fill them if they came back. The bikers leave in a hurry, heeding John’s warning. John has taught several lessons and sent messages before, but this was definitely one of the most memorable, and startling, instances.

7 When It Was Revealed Why Beth Hated Jamie So Much

From the start, it was clear that Beth loathed her brother. She didn’t pass up an opportunity to insult him or to otherwise say some pretty awful things to him. She and Jamie are certainly not close like Sam and Dean are in Supernatural; in a flashback, audiences find out why their sibling relationship is so terrible.

Beth became pregnant as a teenager and turned to Jamie for help in getting an abortion, and while he took her to a clinic, he failed to tell her that she would be sterilized and therefore unable to ever have children. It was a horrible thing for Jamie to do, and Beth has never forgiven him for it. John later found out about this incident and was furious at Jamie, too.

6 When Rip Killed Roarke With A Snake

In retaliation to all Roarke has done to the Duttons, Rip murders the man in cold blood in the Season 4 premiere. Rip finds Roarke at his fishing spot, asking if the cooler he has in his grasp belongs to Roarke, who denies it.

Within moments, Rip has tossed the deadly rattlesnake inside right at Roarke’s face, and though Roarke tries to run, he soon succumbs to the poison and dies, with Rip uttering a cold “good riddance.” Rip doesn’t mess around and will defend the Duttons no matter what it takes, and he isn’t afraid to take drastic measures to do so, given Roarke’s ruthless murder.

5 When Beth Was Beaten Up Severely

In Season 2, two masked men show up at Beth’s office. She fights back, but she’s overpowered and they beat her up severely. She refuses to give in, urging her assistant Jason not to show them any fear, and they shoot him dead right before her eyes. Things looked bleak for Beth for a moment until Rip came storming in and saved the day; Rip and Beth love each other deeply, and anyone that messes with her, messes with him.

Despite everything they did to her, Beth still tossed insults and fought back the entire time, showing her bravery, and her refusal to be intimidated. Still, it was a very brutal attack, and one that left Beth with plenty of injuries to recover from.

4 When Dan Jenkins Had A Brush With Death

Dan Jenkins isn’t the first or the last person to want the Dutton Ranch. Yet, he did nearly meet a deadly fate. John ordered Rip, as well as the other ranch hands, to get Dan Jenkins. The men subsequently hung Dan up in a tree and left him there for quite some time.

While he did survive, it was still a callous and frankly appalling tactic. Early on, audiences knew that John wasn’t messing around, and that he’d do anything to keep people from trying to snatch his land. Dan certainly didn’t mess with John after that experience.

3 When Jamie Killed His Father

In the Season 4 finale, Beth presents Jamie with two options, neither of which are desirable. However, at the last moment, she offers up a third option, which turns out to be awful too, though Jamie does pick it. Audiences later see what that option was when Jamie meets with his biological father and kills him in cold blood by the water.

Just as he was when he killed Sarah the reporter, Jamie is clearly torn up, but he still pulled the trigger. Although his biological father was far from perfect, having murdered Jamie’s biological mother decades before, it was still brutal on Jamie’s part.

2 When Lee & Robert Were Killed

Each great episode of Yellowstone contains several elements at play, as even the premiere episode started off with a bang, including the shocking deaths of Robert and Lee. Lee was a Dutton, and Robert was the brother of Kayce’s wife, Monica. Robert killed Lee, and Kayce killed Robert.

Now, Yellowstone certainly has its fair share of family drama, but to start off with something as merciless as the murders of two family members in one night was certainly among one of the wildest, and most tragic, things to happen on the show.

1 When The Duttons Were Attacked

Yellowstone’s Season 3 finale ended with quite the cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if their beloved Duttons would all return in one piece. Kevin Costner’s John was brutally shot while helping a young woman, Beth was served with a bomb, and Kayce found himself facing gunmen in his office.

Audiences were left unsure for several months afterward what the fates of the Duttons were, and just who was behind the vicious attacks.

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