‘The Chi’: Keisha’s Kidnapper Has Already Appeared Twice in Season 3

Throughout its three seasons, Showtime drama The Chi has touched on several important black issues, including the lack of urgency when it comes to finding missing black women. Keisha’s disappearance has turned her family upside down as all of their previous attempts to locate her have resulted in dead ends.

Fans were also at a loss until her whereabouts were revealed in Episode 5. Although it’s difficult to see her kidnapper’s face in the episode, you’ve already seen him twice this season so far.

Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Yolonda Ross, (l-r, front row) actors Armando Riesco, Tiffany Boone, Alex Hibbert, Lena Waithe and Common of the television show 'The Chi' speak onstage
Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Yolonda Ross, (l-r, front row) actors Armando Riesco, Tiffany Boone, Alex Hibbert, Lena Waithe and Common of the television show ‘The Chi’ speak onstage | Frederick M. Brown

Keisha kidnapped in ‘The Chi’ Season 3

The older sister of Kevin (Alex R. Hibbert) had a “fast” reputation because she previously dated an adult track coach and had a secret Finsta account filled with revealing pictures.

In the third season, viewers find out that Keisha (Birgundi Baker) got on birth control without her mother’s knowledge and got a lower back tattoo that her mom didn’t discover until she thought she had to identify her daughter’s body.

After receiving a track scholarship for college, Keisha admitted she didn’t want to leave the familiarity of the southside while talking to ex-fling Emmett (Jacob Latimore) at her mothers’ wedding.

The teenager later went missing during their honeymoon when she disappeared without a trace from a bus stop, shortly after making eye contact with a now-homeless Ronnie (Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine).

Her parents began handing out numerous flyers, held a vigil, and teamed up with Ronnie to confront a person of interest. Unfortunately, their attempts led to dead ends, and even fans were confused about what happened to the track star.

Keisha held captive by a man named Omari

In Episode 5, titled, “Terror Town,” viewers found Keisha held captive by someone named Omari (Cedric Mays) who has an infinity with her track career. It’s unclear how the two crossed paths as he noted he found the teenager “filthy” and “dressed like a slut” while he bathed her.

When her kidnapper left for the day, he watched his captive, even as she used the restroom, with several cameras located around the house. However, the county-wide blackout disconnected his access to her, and the track star immediately began trying to break out of the double padlocked apartment.

Once she succeeded, Omari came home, so she ran out the back. After reaching the grass, Keisha mistakenly thought she reached freedom and cried for joy, unknowingly allowing her kidnapper to catch up to her. He snatched her up and dragged the screaming teenager back inside.

Keisha’s kidnapper has appeared in ‘The Chi’ Season 3 twice already

Episode 3, titled “Bussdown,” opened with Emmett, Nina (Tyla Abercrumbie), and Dre (Miriam A. Hyman) handing out flyers to everyone standing around the bus stop where Keisha disappeared.

While Nina and Dre asked several bystanders if they recognized their daughter, Emmett gave a runner a flyer. He removed one of his headphones and took the paper but shrugged that he didn’t know her. However, this is the man who has Keisha.

He also appeared in the following episode, “Gangway,” at Otis “Douda” Perry’s (Curtiss Cook) pizza parlor. One customer saw the missing can touting Keisha’s face and made a rude comment, resulting in an angry Kevin punching the man in the face.

Another guy helped him up and put change into the jar while telling the teenager to stay strong. Again, this man is Omari, the person who is holding his sister captive.

Will Ronnie get to the track star in time, or can Keisha successfully escape? The Chi airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on Showtime.

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