The Mandalorian’s Perfect Jedi Master Replacement For Grogu After Luke

Now that Grogu has chosen the Mandalorian instead of training with Luke, Ezra Bridger would be perfect to replace Luke as Grogu's Jedi Master.

Now that Grogu has decided to leave Luke Skywalker and end his Jedi training, one thing The Mandalorian could explore in its next season is who would be perfect to replace Luke as Grogu’s Jedi Master. The show has revealed there are still a few Jedi in the galaxy after the fall of the Empire. The Mandalorian has already introduced Ahsoka Tano in live-action Star Wars, for instance, but she refused to train Grogu in season 2. However, there is one Jedi whose whereabouts are currently unknown but is rumored to be making an appearance soon: Ezra Bridger.

Ezra Bridger made his debut in Star Wars Rebels, where he became Kanan Jarrus’ Padawan and part of the Ghost Crew. The Rebels Ghost Crew was a small group of rebels who were an important part of the fledgling Rebellion, helping people across the galaxy who had been affected by the Empire’s dictatorial rule. While training with Kanan, Ezra became an accomplished Jedi himself, utilizing his abilities in unique ways to help his friends and the people they were trying to save. Across four seasons, Ezra encountered multiple Inquisitors, Maul, and Darth Vader. He was essential in freeing Lothal, his home planet, from the Empire’s tyranny. He even managed to best Grand Admiral Thrawn, one of the Empire’s most cunning leaders. Ezra is a strong and gifted Jedi, but it is his love for his parents, his loyalty to his friends, and his determination against the Empire that make him such a compelling character, and the perfect Jedi Master for Grogu.

After Luke Skywalker’s Jedi or Mandalorian ultimatum for Grogu in The Book of Boba Fett, Grogu chose to go back to Mando. It is his attachment to Mando that made Ahsoka wary of teaching him, and it is his attachment that goes against the teachings of the Jedi Order. Ezra Bridger, however, didn’t become a Jedi as part of the Order. It was Ezra’s attachments to his own Master, friends, and parents, that formed Ezra as a Jedi. Though the dark side called to him on numerous occasions, it was his love for his family that always brought him back to the Light. When it was most important, Ezra was able to let go of his Master and even let go of his parents when Palpatine presented an opportunity to be reunited with them. Ezra, therefore, would be able to show Grogu a different path, one where loving relationships are arguably vital to learning to control Star Wars’ Force as a Jedi, and what it means to let those relationships go when it matters most.

But Grogu and Ezra do not only share a want for meaningful relationships. They also share an affinity for a specific Force ability. Taming Beasts is an ability with which its user can connect mentally with animals. It is not about controlling a creature, but about understanding and communicating to become partners with that creature. Grogu used this ability in the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett, as he calms down the rancor that was about to attack Din Djarin before passing out from using so much power. Ezra applied this ability many times throughout Star Wars Rebels, connecting with various creatures, some of which would even help him destroy the Star Wars Empire on Lothal. If there is anyone who can teach Grogu to wield this ability without becoming exhausted, it would be Ezra Bridger.

Though Ezra may have never had a Padawan of his own, Rebels shows he is capable of teaching. He helped Kanan teach Sabine Wren how to wield the Darksaber, for example. And, as Luke Skywalker himself states, Grogu isn’t so much learning as he is remembering his teachings from his time at the Jedi Temple. Ezra, therefore, would simply be helping Grogu to open himself up to the Force again, rather than shutting himself off. While it is unclear if The Mandalorian season 3 will include a search for a new Jedi Master for Grogu, Ezra Bridger should certainly be considered a solid candidate. Grogu needs someone to show him a different path, one where he doesn’t need to be cut off from the Force to have meaningful relationships, and few would understand that better than Ezra.

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