The Office: 10 Character Groups & Clubs Fans Want To Join, According To Reddit

Between Michael's improv class and Dwight's paintball team, the characters of The Office have a bunch of clubs that fans wish they could be a part of.

Throughout The Office’s nine seasons, the Dunder Mifflin workers introduced viewers to various clubs and groups they were a part of. As much time as they spent in the actual office, they also let their hair down outside of work. But which club or activity are fans most interested in?

After watching and rewatching the series, viewers have come together to talk about what group they would love to join. One could partake in the world of improv with Michael Scott or they could stay up all night protecting Dunder Mifflin with Dwight’s Knights of the Night.

Michael Scott’s Improv Class

In the second season, viewers learned that Michael was a part of an improv class. He went every week where he had the chance to express himself in an artistic way with like-minded people. It’s also a time that Michael can create alter egos.

When viewers got a glimpse at the class, it was obvious that his fellow actors were sick of Michael’s improv notes because it always resulted in some kind of stick-up. On Reddit, when MotorBoak had to choose between Michael’s improv class and The Finer Things Club, they chose improv.”[The] Finer Things Club sounds the least horrible but I’m not a reader… So improv. I would improvise a bulletproof aura and troll Michael the whole time,” they said.

The Warehouse Vs. The Office Basketball Teams

One of the most memorable episodes in The Office was season 1’s “Basketball.: In the episode, Michael created a friendly basketball game between the warehouse and the office. The winner of the game wouldn’t have to work the weekend while the loser did.

Michael was the captain of his team and it was obvious that he had no idea what he was doing. If the characters were in an alternate universe where they competed for Squid Game, their basketball game proved how poorly they would do. AlexTheGreat-711, however, would rather be on the basketball team than any other team or club. They wrote, “The warehouse basketball team honestly sounds more fun to me than any other form of basketball.”

The Party Planning Committee

The Party Planning Committee mainly consisted of Angela, Pam, and Phyllis. Towards the middle of the season, however, Pam stepped back from the club, leaving the parties in the hands of her two colleagues. The Party Planning Committee created some great events, but there was always drama on the way to making it great.

MiMi_0073 agreed that being a member of the Party Planning Committee meant watching all the drama unfold in front of their eyes. They told Reddit that they’d choose the “Party Planning Committee just for the drama.” After witnessing Angela and Phyllis’s arguments, it’s easy to see why.

Stamford’s Call Of Duty Team

When Jim realized he couldn’t stay at the Scranton branch because he was too heartbroken over Pam, he transferred to the Stamford branch for a fresh start. At this point, the Jim and Pam storyline was at a standstill.

Over at Stamford, things were more professional, but there was one thing that even Scranton workers would have envied: the team’s dedication to Call of Duty. The entire sales team was seen playing Call of Duty — there was even a meeting about it. Nwmimms agreed that playing CoD would have been the best team to join because they would use “a sniper rifle” like Jim.

Kevin’s Band: Scrantonicity

There are a ton of Kevin Malone theories out there that describe why he’s so lackadaisical at work but lively and brilliant in his band, Scrantonicity (or Kevin and the Zits… or Scrantonicity II). Regardless of the reason, Kevin’s band knew how to rock out, and it seemed like a fun time.

Kevin’s band was seen in action at Phyllis’s wedding, which is what prompts fans to join his band over other clubs and teams on The Office. HexMonkey2020 wrote, “I’d want to join Kevin and the Zits” as it’s a better option than reading with the Finer Things Club or playing basketball with Michael.

The Finer Things Club

What makes The Office so great are the different personalities under one roof. However, there are a handful of characters in Dunder Mifflin who enjoy sharing similar interests when they get the chance. From Pam, Oscar, and Toby’s love of literature, conversation, and fine dining, the Finer Things Club was born.

In the club, they use their lunch break as a time to converse about the shared book they were reading while they drank tea and ate sandwiches. Similar to Jim’s experience with the Finer Things Club, Trunks252 wrote, “I would join the [Finer Things Club], and then immediately get kicked out because I didn’t read the book.”

Ultra Feast With Pam & Kevin

When Pam was pregnant with her and Jim’s first child, her appetite increased. In “The Delivery,” she and Kevin told the cameras that they were now hungry at the same time and ate together. Before Pam went into labor, Kevin prepared an ultra feast comprised of their favorite meals that they shared together. It was one of Pam’s best episodes because of her dedication to ultra feast.

Siempremajima agreed that joining ultra feast was the better club — far better than the Finer Things Club. “I just remember Kevin had the Ultra Feast thing… That would probably have the best food especially if he brings his chili!” they wrote. Considering that Kevin loved to cook, he’s the perfect person to eat with in the middle of the workday.

Andy’s Acapella Group

Andy can be more obnoxious than Michael at times, but it’s hard to judge the man for trying to be liked. Since arriving in Scranton, Andy has been clear about his love for acapella. When he was at Cornell, he was a part of an acapella group called Here Comes Treble.

Chinachette would choose Here Comes Treble over the rest any day, writing, “[Àndy’s] acapella group — even [if] we sing bad.” Another fan agreed and chimed in, “I was starting to worry nobody would pick the acapella group, Andy might just punch a hole through the wall.” In a past episode, Andy’s anger issues erupted and he punched a hole in the wall as a result.

Dwight’s Paintball League

Dwight is an excellent salesman, beet farmer, and an apparent paintball player. When Michael was leaving Dunder Mifflin, he set up a paintball game with Dwight as his final goodbye gift. It was one of Michael and Dwight’s best episodes together.

In later episodes when Dwight was the interim regional manager, his friends that were turned down from working at Dunder Mifflin left to play a game of paintball together. They later sent Dwight a picture of them posing in their gear, giving him the middle finger. BBaker_523 agreed that Dwight’s paintball league was the best of the bunch. “Dwight’s paintball team gets drunk together on a Wednesday, so obviously it’s Dwight’s paintball team,” they hilariously wrote.

Knights Of The Night

In the seventh season, there’s a quick scene where Jim found out about Dwight’s after-work club: Knights of the Night. Knights of the Night is a crime-fighting unit that patrols the streets in hopes of saving people from the Scranton Strangler. When they’re not saving the city, however, they’re playing flashlight tag.

It’s because of their epic flashlight game that made one fan choose Knights of the Night over other groups. “I’d join ‘Knights of the Night.’ Their flashlight tag game is insane! I also happen to find the leader’s [voice] sexy and not weird at all,” they wrote.

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