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The Sopranos: The 10 Best Moments From Tony & Carmela’s Relationship

Struggling and triumphing through thick and thin, here are the best moments of Tony and Carmela's relationship on The Sopranos television series.

Not everyone gets to marry their high school sweetheart and stay with them for the rest of their lives, but Carmela and Tony Soprano were lucky enough to do just that. Carmela was the perfect mob wife; more than glad to keep her husband’s secrets and use her status to instill fear and gain favors whenever necessary.

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However, Carmela and Tony’s marriage was far from perfect. The two argued, cheated on each other, and even separated for a while. In as much as the sad moments were many, the good ones outnumbered them. It wasn’t a surprise that they had been together for long. They knew just the right thing to do to make each other happy.

The Diamond Watch With A Love Message

Tony gives Carmela a gift on The Sopranos.

As flawed as he was, Tony was as romantic as a soap opera’s lead character. After returning from Vegas in season six, he surprised Carmela with a diamond watch. But, this wasn’t like the other gifts he had given her before. There was a special love message engraved on it: “you are my life, Love T.” Carmela couldn’t help but blush as she read the words.

Carmela might have been hurt by Tony’s actions several times, but there was never a doubt that he loved her. This moment highlighted just how far the two had come in their marriage. The worst fights were behind them and they were good now. At the moment, Tony had hundreds of problems—including his feud with Lupertazzi boss Phil Leotardo—but his marriage was no longer one of them.

Hiding Evidence

Carmela and Tony hide guns and cash to avoid indictment by the FBI in The Sopranos.

As Tony and his fellow mobsters attended the wedding of Larry’s daughter in the first season, they were informed that federal indictments were about to be handed down to unnamed members of the DiMeo Crime Family. All the Capos were thus instructed to get rid of the evidence.

On their part, Tony and Carmela rushed home and hide all cash and guns, and seeing them doing this as a couple was incredible. Even though Carmela wasn’t involved in the business, she knew that anything that would affect her husband would affect her too hence she was more than glad to help. The only sad moment? Her engagement ring had to be taken because it hadn’t been acquired legally.

The Recovery Process

Carmela takes care of Tony in hospital

Many viewers might have wrongfully guessed that, if Tony were to ever get shot, it would be by one of his enemies, especially those from the New York crew. Instead, he was accidentally shot by his uncle Corrado “Junior” Soprano.

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The days after the shooting were tense for everyone. Carmela was afraid that Tony was going to die, so she stayed at his hospital bed. There, she kept making long heartwarming speeches, even though he didn’t hear it. After leaving the hospital, the love between Tony and Carmela only grew stronger because he appreciated life more. For once, Tony even refrained from sleeping with another woman when he had the chance.

Tony Refusing To Make Carmela An Accessory

Tony tells Carmela about Richie

Richie and Janice’s relationship was always a toxic one, and it all ended when Janice shot him during a domestic violence incident. Tony then went to break the news to Carmela, telling her that “Richie was gone.” Carmela didn’t seem to understand what “gone” meant, so she kept asking where he had gone to.

Tony then politely told her to not force him to finally make her an accessory to a mob crime after all the years they had been together. At that point, Carmela understood that Richie had been killed, and Tony didn’t want her to know all the details. It was his way of protecting her in case the feds ever asked questions.

Agreeing To Get Back Together

Tony and Carmela agree to reconcile

It was only a matter of time before Tony’s affairs caught up with him. He and Carmela had an ugly breakup after his mistress Irina called the house and confessed everything. An angry Carmela kicked him out and even went on to have an affair of her own.

Given the weight of Tony’s sins, he had step up his game when it came to making things right and reuniting his family. After some time apart, he agreed to purchase a $600,000 property for Carmela in Montville so she could build a spec house. The gesture worked, and Carmela took him back.

Tony’s Confession About Seeing A Therapist

Tony tells Carmela about therapy

In the series premiere, Tony took Carmela to a dinner date where he told her he had a confession to make. Carmela thought he was about to tell her he was cheating since she had been suspecting all along. However, he confessed about two things; he was taking medication to help with his panic attacks, and he was seeing a therapist.

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Carmela was proud that Tony was taking such steps to make his health better after the panic attack. It even meant more when he told her she was the only person he could be completely honest with.

Tony Agreeing To Carmela’s Vasectomy Suggestion

Carmela asks Tony to get a vasectomy

Mistresses, A.K.A. goomahs/comàres, were common in the series. When Carmela learned that DiMeo Crime Family associate Ralphie Rotaldo had a baby with his Brazilian comàre, she asked Tony to get a vasectomy. The reason was simple: she didn’t want him to bring shame to their family by having a baby out of wedlock.

At first, Tony refused, which caused Carmela to go sleep on the couch. He later agreed to do it, but Carmela had changed her mind. This was because she felt she was only pushing him to it for selfish reasons. The two then expressed their adoration to each other once again and made love.

Carmela Vowing To Help Tony

Carmela offers to help Tony solve his stess-related problems in The Sopranos

When Carmela learned that Tony’s therapist was not a man, she got a little jealous. This surprised her, too, because she had never felt the same kind of jealousy when it came to Tony’s other mistresses. However, she had every right to be jealous because Tony was actually falling in love with Dr. Melfi.

Carmela thus told Tony that she wanted to be the woman in his life. She wanted to be the one to help him in case of any problem. Though she couldn’t really take over the work Dr. Melfi was doing, her words proved just how much she was willing to make things between her and Tony work.

Carmela ‘Forcing’ Tony To Invest In Meadow

Carmela & Tony stand next to each other in The Sopranos.

Meadow was deeply devastated over her breakup with Noah, so Carmela felt she should do something about it. She had lunch with Columbia University’s dean and promised to fund a student center. By doing this, she knew Meadow would be considered a priority student at the school.

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Tony was shocked to learn that she had promised to invest $50,000, as he was only willing to go as high as $5,000. He was against the idea of investing more than that, but Carmela gave him a long lecture on how he needed to do more for his daughter. This made Tony change his mind, and he agreed to invest.

Tony Signing A Trust

Tony and Carmela show up at Vesuvio for a dinner date

Halfway through the series, Carmela became concerned about her family’s future in case something happened to Tony. She was being realistic since mobsters get killed all the time.

She thus asked Tony to sign a trust that would ensure the family’s safety in case he died. At first, Tony was against it. His financial advisor had advised him that the trust would make Carmela benefit the most in the event of a divorce. Later, Tony hired a new advisor named Brian Cammarata, who made him see things differently. Tony thus agreed to sign a trust, much to Carmela’s delight.

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