What classic TV show is journalist Clete Roberts in?

The LA-based journalist and war correspondent was also a familiar face on classic television.

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M*A*S*H fans recognize Clete Roberts as “The Interviewer” from the famed season four episode “The Interview.” It was an experimental episode that had a long-lasting effect on the television world, and it was the only one to feature all the main characters of the show.

Roberts then returned to the series in season seven for the episode “Our Finest Hour,” which followed a similar path as “The Interview.” In this episode, however, Roberts received a credit as himself.

He was a real-life war correspondent before settling into the Los Angeles area news scene. He became a very well-respected journalist and joined KTLA as its primary anchor and news director.

He’s arguably best known for his M*A*S*H appearances (except in LA where he had a successful broadcast news career), but he had several appearances as himself and as a news personality in various classic TV shows (much like legendary sportscaster Chick Hearn).

    1. Here, Roberts is on a screen as the camera pans out. Do you know what show this is?
    2. In this show, Roberts appears as a reporter outside a very wild theater scene. What show is this?
    3. Here he is again coming through the TV on what series?

      Image: NBCUniversal Television

  1. Here he is covering a hostage situation on what series?

    Image: Sony Pictures Television

  2. This is from…
  3. Here, Roberts is reporting on what show?

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