‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Fans Are Absolutely Loving Travis

Yellowstone fans are debating “The Travis Wheatly character…” a.k.a. Taylor Sheridan’s fictionalized version of himself. And the verdict?

Well, the verdict is: fans are tired of hearing other fans complain – and Travis Wheatley makes for excellent entertainment!

Over on Reddit’s Yellowstone Board, one fan wants to know, “Am I in the minority because I like the Travis Wheatly character? Sure, he’s arrogant, cocky, and sarcastic… And those are his better traits. We all know a Travis of sorts and they’re amusing. Why so much hate on these threads?” asks u/Stillwitty2.

Yeah, why so much hate, Reddit? As it turns out, hate is just louder than praise. Hate pours out freely. It’s a major downside to us, humans. But once Stillwitty2 inquires, the happier emotions crawl out into the light.

“I like him too. I wonder if his character wouldn’t get so much hate if it wasn’t Taylor Sheridan playing him?” comments Ramalamarobo.

Indeed, Travis Wheatley is a lot to handle, but that’s exactly the point. As Yellowstone Redditor TWtoter replies: “He’s playing a fictionalized version of himself, so of course the character is going to be over the top…”

But it’s u/TXman that hits the nail on the head. “I like him a lot. People will say that he’s rude and callous but then turn around and fall all over Beth. Doesn’t make sense to me,” they say. “I think his quips are funny and it’s always a nice change of pace when he’s on the screen.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Gallop to Defense of Taylor Sheridan

To understand all this praise, it’s pertinent to ponder where the hate comes from to begin with. As Season 4 began, many fans on Reddit (and across social media) voiced great unhappiness with the focus placed on Travis and his horses while other storylines squandered. Many feel Taylor Sheridan is self-serving in this. But others, as we’re discovering, think it’s time to pump the brakes, breathe, and be a bit happier in our entertainment.

“I love the Travis character and I love Taylor too,” begins ImaBirdFish. “Taylor is not some producer trying to dip his toe in acting, he was an actor first. And Travis is a quintessential type of Texas cowboy. Always with a cocky sarcastic jab cutting you down to size. Being from Texas I’ve known many guys cut from this cloth.”

In this Yellowstone fan’s eyes, “It’s their way of challenging everyone to be better. Competitiveness. You can always tell the measure of the type in how they take defeat, whether they throw a tantrum or congratulate you on a job well done, or laugh when your comeback cuts deeper instead of getting angry. He’s a fantastic character.”

And to top it off, u/RipsLittleCoors sums up the love for Travis Wheatley in but a few sentences: “I love everything about the character. He has the best lines. The best shirts. If there was a spinoff of just an hour of Travis humiliating Jimmy I would pay for paramount +.”

And there we have it, Yellowstone fans.

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