‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: What to Know About Character From Cattle Guard Scene

Last night’s “Yellowstone” episode was the third of season four and brought us a fantastic moment that fans are still talking about.

Kayce Dutton asserted his authority as Livestock Commissioner in the most badass way you can imagine. To begin the episode, a cattle rancher comes into Kayce’s office to complain about his neighbor. Known simply as the “California guy” or “cattle guard guy” to “Yellowstone” fans, the neighbor is causing trouble. The man has set up a cattle guard along an easement route that allows the rancher to transport his cattle. Not wanting cow poop in his driveway or yard, the man puts up a cattle guard at the gate entrance. The guard is meant to prevent the cattle from entering on to the man’s property. But there is an easement there for a reason and the rancher seemingly has a right to be upset. He tells Kayce it is costing him a fortune to transport the cattle past the guard.

Kayce takes swift action against the man, ramming his gate and forcing his way in. Some “Yellowstone” fans believe this was a little too aggressive by Kayce but what came next is the subject of great debate. Kayce uses his truck to pull open the cattle guard. He then pushes the man into the hole and closes the cattle guard. The man is practically buried alive underneath the guard, though he can obviously still breathe. The incident and Kayce’s actions have “Yellowstone” fans talking in a recent Reddit thread.

“This train of thought did lead me down one path though,” a fan says. “Maybe if they stopped doing stuff like this – stuffing people in shallow holes and leaving then there for example- then maybe their enemy list could take a breather.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss ‘Cattle Guard Guy’ in Reddit Thread

Some “Yellowstone” fans were unsure if there was any previous mention of the cattle guard guy. There doesn’t appear to be — unless you count the cattle rancher talking to Kayce at the beginning of the episode.

“He’s a random out-of-state guy,” a Reddit user proclaims. “I don’t think there is a connection other than showing Kayce helping out a fellow rancher. At least not yet.”

The man underneath the cattle guard is found later in the episode but it doesn’t show what happens next. He could still be under that guard for all we know.

Could this incident come back to bite Kayce in a future “Yellowstone” episode? It certainly could if the man has California connections. Perhaps the man will report Kayce to the police and that becomes a conflict later in the season.

We may have to wait a while before we get answers to those questions. The next episode is set for this Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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