‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Can’t Wait for New Episode

“Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill is super excited for the next upcoming brand new episode and he is not alone.

We’ll get our sixth episode of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” in only a few days. Episode six is also set to air this Sunday at its usual time.

Brecken Merrill, at 13 years of age, is also the youngest of the primary “Yellowstone” cast. He plays Tate Dutton, the grandson of John Dutton, on the show and does a terrific job. This season has been full of ups and downs for Tate and viewers are hoping we get to see Tate pull through. Though he’s the youngest star on the show, Merrill is also one of the favorites of “Yellowstone” fans. A big reason for that is his social media presence and interaction with the show’s massive fan base. Merrill likes sharing behind-the-scenes photos as well as giving fans his thoughts on the season so far.

In his most recent social media post, Merrill says he can’t wait for the next new episode. He also shares an awesome Tate Dutton photo as he is really turning into the cowboy that he was meant to be.

“Waiting on Sunday for an all new Yellowstone,” he writes in the post.

Numerous fans seconded his motion, proclaiming that they are also ready for a new episode to arrive.

“I think most of us are also in countdown mode,” a fan and social media user says in the comments. “
You are an amazing young actor, and I just know you are going to do amazing things.”

The sixth episode is “I want to be him” and judging by trailers, the relationship between Jamie Dutton and Garrett Randall will be in focus.

‘Yellowstone’ Returns With Brand New Episode This Sunday

Perhaps Brecken Merrill’s social media post is also a sign that will get to see more of Tate Dutton in the new episode. “Yellowstone” fans would love to see things come together for the young man as he struggles with reality.

Tate was forced to shoot and kill a man in the very first episode of season four. Though the man was attacking his mother, the act still mentally and emotionally torments him.

Now, that he is away from the ranch they seem to be doing much better.

“Yellowstone” fans wonder what is next for young Tate in season four. It appears as if he might be taken under the wing of Broken Rock Leader Thomas Rainwater as he continues to heal.

Much like Brecken Merrill, “Yellowstone” fans can’t wait to see what the second half of season four has in store for Tate.

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