‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Talks About ‘Funny Moments’ and ‘Improvising’ On Set

Yellowstone‘s own ℝ𝕚𝕡 Wheeler, Cole Hauser, had a blast filming Season 4 with castmates and creator Taylor Sheridan, and it shows.

As raucous as Yellowstone‘s two-part Season 4 premiere was, many of us were surprised at how many moments of levity writer/creator/director/producer/actor (seriously, this guy wears all the hats) Taylor Sheridan was able to squeeze in. Cole Hauser agrees.

“We always have some funny moments. He writes some good stuff for us,” Hauser smiles of Sheridan in Yellowstone‘s latest “Behind the Story” feature. Fans now know Sheridan as Travis the horsemaster, too. He’s the handsome gent seen telling Teeter she’s from Arkansas and “not to f**king tell people you’re from Texas.”

“Because he’s the writer too, he can riff and do whatever the hell he wants to do,” Hauser beams of his dialogue with Sheridan’s Travis. “We improvise and talk sh*t back and forth, so, it’s great.”

Throughout, Yellowstone‘s clip (seen below courtesy of their official Twitter account) showcases scenes from Season 4, Episode 2, “Phantom Pain.” So be warned before watching that there are massive spoilers for the show ahead.

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The behind-the-scenes look also delves into the episode’s more dramatic turns, too. Speaking to this, the one and only Kevin Costner dissects the future his John Dutton sees for the ranch.

“John is land rich, and not cash rich. Where is the stream of revenue gonna come from? ” he asks of his patriarch. And this is where Taylor Sheridan’s horsemaster comes in.

“He understands how Travis is going to work. And John makes the final decision on what we’re going to buy.”

‘Yellowstone’ Cast Loved Working with Taylor Sheridan as an Actor

For many actors on the show, this was their first time sharing a scene with Sheridan as an actor. This goes for Jen Landon, who plays fan-favorite Teeter.

“It was my first time working with Taylor. There’s a real sense of adrenaline and improvisation working with him,” Landon smiles. “You can’t get in your head!”

Having the man responsible for your job acting alongside you has to be nerve-wracking. But the scene is brilliant, and Landon pulls it off effortlessly. So does Sheridan, who is a true cowboy by trade.

In fact, the entire sequence Yellowstone showcases above is exactly what sets up his next spinoff, 6666. Sheridan is currently producing this congruent, Texas-based series for Paramount. He’s even gone as far to purchase the historic ranch the show will focus on.

We learn a lot in the Season 4 premiere of where 6666 will take us. For instance, we know Sheridan’s own character, Travis, will factor in as he sets out to make John Dutton a fortune through horses. He’ll be taking a broken Jimmy Hurdstrom with him, too, as Jefferson White is set to star in the spinoff.

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