‘Yellowstone’ Stars Weigh in on Lloyd’s Cowboy Apology

One of the best moments from last night’s brand new “Yellowstone” came from a couple of cowboys swallowing their pride.

The feud between “Yellowstone” Ranch hands Lloyd and Walker has been brewing since last season. It reached a boiling point last week when Lloyd grabbed and smashed Walker’s guitar. As if that weren’t enough, he also stabs Walker right in the chest. After duking it out in the “Yellowstone” arena, it appeared that both men reached an understanding, or that at least what they told John Dutton. This week, Lloyd took the next step in making amends by replacing Walker’s treasured instrument. It was quite a touching scene as viewers are led to believe that Lloyd could be purchasing a gun with bad intentions. Instead, he trades in his prized rodeo belt buckle to obtain the new guitar. Still on edge from the previous fight, the bunkhouse crew shares a look of concern when Lloyd enters the room. He gives Walker the guitar and appears genuine in hoping to make peace. Walker thanks Lloyd and says he did a good job picking out a new guitar.

In the most recent edition of “Tales From the Bunkhouse,” a few “Yellowstone” stars discuss the matter. Jefferson White (Jimmy), Denim Richards (Colby), and Ian Bohen (Ryan) are among the cast taking part in the discussion. The bunkhouse crew covers a number of topics from the most recent “Yellowstone” episode.

“I am reading that scene, and I am like, ‘Lloyd, what are you doing?’” White says. “He’s coming back to the bunkhouse either with a gun or a guitar.”

When Lloyd walks into the bunkhouse and confronts Lloyd, the audience isn’t sure what is about to happen. Lloyd could have bought a gun with plans to shoot Walker for all anyone knows.

‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Crew Give Their Take on New Episode

The three “Yellowstone” cast members are in agreement that Lloyd did the right thing. A “cowboy apology” is how they termed it, and it appears to have worked.

“We all have our different ways that we apologize,” Richards says. “I don’t know if you can do it in a better cowboy way. If you break something — you have to replace it.”

White points out that Lloyd had to swallow his pride in order to make amends with Walker.

“Lloyd is an incredibly proud man,” the Jimmy Hurdstrom actor says. “Is his pride worth throwing away his family, his home, his job? All of it.”

After accepting the guitar, we get a song from Ryan Bingham, the actor portraying Walker. It certainly seems the two “Yellowstone” workers have made peace with each other. Will it last? John Dutton changes his mind and allows Laramie to stay — which is what caused the conflict in the first place.

We’ll see how it shakes out with just three more episodes remaining in season four.

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