‘Yellowstone’ TV: This ‘Gunsmoke’ Actor Had a Guest Role on the Show

Western fans may have recognized a familiar face during one of their many “Yellowstone” binges. A “Gunsmoke” alum has a guest role on the hit Paramount series.

That’s right, Newly O’Brien himself has been paling around with John Dutton and the gang. Actor Buck Taylor certainly brings a bit of class and prestige to his role on the show. Taylor is a western veteran, getting his start on “Gunsmoke” back in 1967.

Taylor plays the role of Emmett Walsh, a ranch hand at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In this way, he’s part of the extended family for Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. Taylor’s character dispenses some of his wisdom to the younger hands on the ranch. Taylor most prominently featured during the first season of the show. He appeared in episodes “Daybreak,” “The Long Black Train,” and also “A Monster Is Among Us.”

He also made an appearance in the Season 3 finale as well.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator and Buck Taylor

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan is paying it forward in a way. He offered Buck Taylor a guest role on the show because the actor was kind to Sheridan when Sheridan was first beginning his career. Before he became a director and writer, Sheridan was an actor. Both Sheridan and Taylor appeared together in an episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger” in 1995. It was the “Yellowstone” creator’s first role.

“I’ve employed a lot of people who were good to me when I was a young actor. Buck Taylor was in the first thing I ever did,” Sheridan told Deadline. “I put him in ‘Yellowstone.’ There’s something about that show that lends itself to hiring friends and family.”

Taylor also played a role in Sheridan’s “Hell or High Water” as well. It certainly helps that Taylor has an impressive resume of playing in westerns. He starred for multiple seasons in “Gunsmoke” as Newly O’Brien. He played the role until the show went off the air in 1975. He later appeared in numerous westerns such as “Tombstone,” “Conagher,” and “Gettysburg.”

To commemorate his role in westerns, Taylor has a spot on the Texas Trail of Fame. He also won the Multi-Western Heritage Award as well. Taylor certainly has stayed busy throughout his career, working as both an actor and a painter as well. “Yellowstone” fans will have to tune into Season Four to see if Taylor makes another appearance on the show. Of course, most fans will be interested in seeing how that Season Three cliffhanger might resolve.

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