‘Yellowstone’: Where Does Beth Dutton Actress Kelly Reilly Live?

No one else could ever portray Yellowstone‘s Beth Dutton like Kelly Reilly, which is why her place of residence is a bit of a shock.

Born July 18, 1977, 44-year-old Kelly Reilly rose to fame as the Dutton Daughter on Yellowstone. In the time since its premiere in 2018, it’s become the #1 show on television by viewership, and Reilly’s become a household name as a result. May of 2022 would see her return to Montana, a land she now holds dear, to film Yellowstone Season 5. But where does the actor reside? Where does she truly call home?

Reilly was born and raised in Chessington, England, by her hospital receptionist mother and police officer father. Humble beginnings, to be sure. And yes, Reilly is English – a fact that continues to shock many who know her only as a hard-balling Montanan on Yellowstone.

All of the above makes her place of residence even more shocking. Much like Beth Dutton, Reilly is a paradox, indeed.

Today, Kelly Reilly lives with her husband, financier Kyle Baugher, in The Big Apple, New York City. She and Baugher got married in 2012 in Somerset, England. Most of her life during her acting career, however, has been in America. She first moved to Los Angeles, California when pursuing acting. But on numerous occasions, Reilly has stated she “prefers the vibe” of NYC.

“England is always home, but I have made my life here,” she told The Guardian of the U.S. back in 2014. “I suffered terrible homesickness at first… For English people, pubs, humor, all my family and friends… But I love New York, it’s my favorite city.”

‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Jumped at the ‘Challenge’ of American Beth Dutton

In the same interview, Reilly (who’s been in films and television on both sides of the pond for decades) confessed she was truly intrigued by the “challenge” of taking on a character as different as Beth Dutton is from her English self.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton on Yellowstone. (Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press)

“Playing someone so utterly different from this character that I had been so immersed in for a few years, I was just like, Yes, I’m in!,” she added. “As an actor, you really want to keep changing it up for yourself and dipping into different things to keep your own taste bud alive.”

But embodying a woman as wildly different as Beth Dutton didn’t come without its challenges for the seasoned actor.

“I hardly spoke to anybody,” she told co-star Jefferson White on the Yellowstone Podcast ahead of Season 5. “It’s not about breaking character. You hear those stories about actors staying in their dialect off-camera. I would admire them, but I’d feel like an idiot speaking [to the cast and crew] in my American accent. I couldn’t make peace with that, it’s just bananas. So it was easier to just not talk, and not let anyone know me for about two seasons.”

Kelly Reilly returns as Beth Dutton for Yellowstone Season 5 come November 13, 2022.

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