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10 Best Plot Twists In Breaking Bad

Thanks to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad had viewers on the edge of their seats every week with its shocking, heartbreaking storylines.

What made Breaking Bad one of the most addictive shows on television is that it always managed to keep the viewers guessing. Set in the drug underworld of Alberqurere, the series created high-stakes storylines in which people were capable of terrible things in order to protect their own interests, whether they be noble or selfish.

There are so many great moments in the series that left viewers shocked. The twists were not only impactful, but they took the show in really compelling directions where we start to view certain characters in new ways. Look back on some of Breaking Bad‘s most shocking moments and its biggest twists.

Jesse Kills Gale

Gale humming to Mozart tunes at his apartment in Breaking Bad

Though Walt and Jesse’s business relationship with Gus Fring initially seems to be fruitful, they soon learn Gus is not to be messed with. After they step out of line, Walt and Jesse find themselves in danger as Gus looks to have them killed and replace them with Gale as his cook.

Walt knows Gus needs a cook so he takes a step to ensure he is Gus’ only option and tells Jesse to kill Gale. It is a moment that proves what Walt is capable of and also marks a turning point for Jesse, who is devastated by taking a life.

Todd Shoots A Kid

Todd is one of the most memorable villains in the series, largely because he commits such cold-blooded acts while treating them in such a mundane way. Todd is first included in Walt’s crew when he is tasked with helping the train robbery of cooking chemicals.

The heist is pulled off, but they are spotted by a young boy on his dirt bike. Without batting an eye, Todd executes the kid like it was nothing and cements himself as a terrifying figure on the series.

Walt Saves Jesse

 Walter White speaks on phone in Breaking Bad

The relationship between Walt and Jesse was one of the highlights of the show. It had many ups and downs over the years, but Walt often saw Jesse as almost a son. When faced with a tough decision, Walt proves how much he cares for Jesse.

Jesse plans to kill some rival dealers who killed his friend. As he approaches the dangerous men, there seems to be no way Jesse can get out of this alive. Suddenly, Walt drives in out of nowhere and runs over the dealer, saving Jesse.

Gus Kills The Cartel

Gus Fring and Jesse Pinkman at don elladios house

Gus is another fascinating villain who balances terrifying menace with a sympathetic backstory. We see in a flashback that Gus’ partner was killed by the cartel in order to keep Gus in line. For years, he made himself appear as their loyal servant while secretly planning his revenge.

While visiting his boss, Don Eladio, Gus gifts him with a bottle of tequila which Gus, Eladio, and the rest of the cartel drink. Little do they know, Gus poisoned the tequila and ingested an antidote, leaving them all dead and his epic plan for revenge complete.

Hank Learns The Truth

Hank realizes Walt is Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

A big point of tension throughout the series was the fact that while Walt was becoming a huge drug kingpin, his brother-in-law Hank was working for the DEA. It was only a matter of time before Hank learned the truth which he had been circling for so long.

However, the moment it happens is in a perfectly familial way. As Hank uses Walt’s toilet, he flips through the bathroom reading material and sees a book with an inscription from Gale Boetticher, linking Walt to the meth cook and putting all the pieces into place.

Walt Lets Jane Die

Jesse may have been put through more pain than any other character in the series. He seemed to find happiness with Jane, a recovering addict who forms a bond with him. However, their relationship soon leads to Jane relapsing and she becomes a wedge between Jesse and Walt.

Walt is faced with a decision to either leave Jesse behind or try to help him. He chooses the latter, but when he goes to his house, he finds Jesse and Jane passed out in bed. When Jane vomits in her sleep and begins choking, Walt sees a solution to his problem and watches as she dies.

Walt Kills Mike

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut in his Breaking Bad death scene.

Walt and Mike never had a friendly relationship with each other. Mike liked to keep things simple and found Walt to be a reckless and dangerous partner. Their tension finally boils over in a deadly and shocking way.

As Mike readies himself to go on the run, he confronts Walt and tells him how much he screwed up. In a fit of rage, Walt shoots Mike and watches as he bleeds to death. Even someone as level-headed as Mike could not avoid Walt’s destructive path.

Hank’s Death

Hank's death scene in Breaking Bad

The final season begins with Walt and Hank heading on a collision course with each other. Walt wants to put his life of crime behind him, but now that Hank knows the truth, he is determined to take him down.

Eventually, it looks like Hank has won as he arrests Walt, but Uncle Jack and his men soon arrive with a lot more firepower. Walt tries to talk Jack into letting Hank go, but Hank realizes what’s in store for him and he is executed and buried in the desert.

Walt Kills Gus

Gus Fring's death scene in Breaking Bad

The showdown between Walt and Gus was one of the most intense storylines in the show. Every time Walt tried to get on top, he found himself further backed into a corner. After failing to kill Gus with a car bomb, he seeks the help of Hector Salamanca, who hates Walt but hates Gus more.

After tricking Gus into thinking Hector is talking to the DEA, Gus visits his old rival. Though almost completely paralyzed, Hector manages to detonate a bomb, killing himself and Gus. The sight of Gus stumbling out of the room with half of his face gone is an iconic moment in the show.

Walt Poisoned Brock

Walt and Brock sit on a couch in Breaking Bad

The series followed Walt down his criminal path as it got progressively darker. It could be said that this is the moment where he finally and completely “broke bad.” Jesse seemed to side with Gus and Mike as they looked to get rid of Walt. But when Brock, the young son of Jesse’s girlfriend was poisoned, Walt convinces him it was Gus, and Jesse helps Walt kill him.

Once Gus is dead, we get the shocking reveal with it was Walt who poisoned Brock. At that moment, Walt truly becomes the villain of the series.

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