10 Gen 1 Normal Type Pokemon Worth Having (And 10 Totally Useless)

While the franchise has evolved and expanded considerably over the years, there's something special about how 'normal' Generation 1 feels.

Pokémon is one of the most important and impactful franchises in the history of the entertainment industry, and it has been a force ever since the first generation was released. People were mesmerized by these creatures from a far away land, and they could not wait to get their hands on them all while playing the game. Things have changed and evolved since the 90s, which has kept the fandom alive and well. However, there is something truly special about the original Pokémon that we spent our time training.

There are a number of different types of Pokémon for people to catch, including normal-type. Sure, these Pokémon may not have the same type of popularity as some of their brethren, but they offer a lot to those that are willing to take the time to train them.

Today, we are going to look at some of the best and worst normal-type Pokémon from the first generation.

20 Worth Having: Snorlax Has A Solid Amount Of Power

Even though Snorlax is known for sleeping his days away, this big guy can still pack a massive punch when used by the right trainer. As such, any person that is looking to bolster their lineup and take out some worthwhile competition may want to consider getting their hands on a Snorlax.

19 Totally Useless: Lickitung Isn’t Able To Do Too Much

Lickitung is not the coolest character from the franchise by any means, and the fact that it has such an odd look to it has made people skeptical for years. Not only does its appearance make people uneasy, the fact that its total score ranks just above Farfetch’d doesn’t help.

18 Worth Having: Tauros Is An Absolute Force

People can take one look at this character and know that it means business. Tauros is not easy to catch early on in the series, but it is totally worth it. The right trainer can find a way to maximize its power, and it does clock in at a respectable 490 total.

17 Totally Useless: Farfetch’d Is One Bird We Can Do Without

Farfetch’d is one of those Pokémon that most people seem to forget about. It is one of several birds from the first generation, and it is a lot less popular than the other ones. It has some power and can be trained well, but there are other normal-types that are better.

16 Worth Having: Kangaskhan Is Large And In Charge

Clocking in at just a shade under 500 total, Kangaskhan is a hulking creature that can impose its will on others. Rival trainers are going to have a hard time whenever Kangaskhan is unleashed on the battlefield, but getting your hands on one won’t be an easy task at all.

15 Totally Useless: Eevee Has Cool Evolutions, But It Pretty Weak

There might be some people that disagree with this one here, but let us explain. Sure, Eevee does have the ability to change into several different creatures later on, but the character itself does not offer much else. Yes, it’s cute, but spend your time catching and training something else.

14 Worth Having: Pidgeot Can Generate Some Serious Power

Early on in the game, most trainers will catch a Pidgey and slowly train it so that it gets through its evolutionary cycle. Once it reaches the end, it will become a Pidgeot, which has a lot more power than people are expecting. It will come in handy during the first few gym battles.

13 Totally Useless: Doduo Can’t Quite Get The Job Done

Doduo is one Pokémon that eventually becomes something much better, but many trainers just won’t be willing to deal with its shortcomings early on to get the prize at the end of the road. Doduo on its own does not offer much, and it does not have a lot of power at all.

12 Worth Having: Dodrio Is The Final Form That Trainers Want

Dodrio is the Pokémon that most trainers are after, which is precisely why we would love to have one in our lineup. Given that it’s the next link in the evolutionary chain, it would make sense that Dodrio is completely superior to Doduo in just about every single way possible.

11 Totally Useless: Meowth Does Not Have Too Much To Like

Many people will already have a negative disposition towards Meowth given his alliance with Team Rocket, but he does not speak for every other Meowth out there. Nevertheless, this Pokémon is not all that powerful. Most people would prefer to just trade for a Persian instead of spending their time training a little Meowth.

10 Worth Having: Chansey Has More Than Meets The Eye

To be fair, the primary reason that we are including Chansey is that it is pretty rare and it is hard to get ahold of. It does have a uniqueness to it– particularly its high HP– and while it may not be as tough as some of the others that we recommend, it is still worthy of being added to the Pokédex.

Totally Useless: Ditto Is Not Our Favorite

Ditto may look like it would be an interesting creature, but the fact remains that it is exceptionally weak when compared to the others on this list. Sure, having one will fill in the entry on the Pokedex, but that is just about the only thing that it is good for beyond its superficial copy abilities.

Worth Having: Fearow Can Pack Quite A Punch

Beginning its life cycle as a Spearow and striving for greatness, Fearow is a formidable combatant when used by the right trainer. Sure, it is not the most powerful of its type (Normal/Flying), but it is a solid addition to a lineup early on in the game for all trainers.

Totally Useless: Jigglypuff Is Cute, But Doesn’t Offer Much

Jigglypuff is one of the cutest Pokémon to come from the series, and while Pikachu may be the most famous, this one is right up there. It is not too strong and not that great with inexperienced trainers, however. Because of this fact, there are plenty of other Pokémon  that we would recommend.

Worth Having: Persian Is Classy And Strong

Persian is one of the classiest looking Pokémon in the entire series, and we can only imagine how many people would love to have one in real life. This Pokémon is one that is a perfect blend of class and power. It can’t compete with Snorlax, but it can get the job done.

Totally Useless: Spearow Is Only Good For Young Trainers

Spearow is a small bird that has a tough look about its face, so one would assume that this Pokémon is strictly business. While this is true for the most part, Spearow itself can only hold up to weak Pokémon in the early going. It is not meant for later competition whatsoever.

Worth Having: Wigglytuff Is Tougher Than It Looks

Wigglytuff is not as menacing as is tries to look, but this does not mean that it is a weak character in the slightest. It does have some toughness and power to it, which is always a plus. Sure, it won’t be the strongest Pokémon in any lineup, but it can be a solid rotational piece.

Totally Useless: Rattata Cannot Do A Whole Lot

Well, we hate to say it, but we have all had to catch a Rattata and do our best with its limited skills at some point. This Pokémon does not offer a whole lot to experienced trainers, which is why we aren’t too keen on it. It does, however, get bonus points for being important in the early going.

Worth Having: Raticate Is Strong For Its Size

Young trainers need to make the best of what they can get their hands on, which is why many of them will find themselves with a Raticate. Early on, this Pokémon is going to be important when it comes to defeating other trainers and winning a fresh gym badge or two.

Totally Useless: Pidgey Is Only Good At The Beginning Of The Game

At this point, we can all but assume that every single person that has ever played a Pokémon game has caught a Pidgey or four. They are all over the place in the early going, and most people rely on them to sharpen their training skills. They are super weak in the grand scheme of things.

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