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10 Most Intense Shootouts In Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

In the violent world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, there have been some wild shootouts that have left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are set in the dangerous world of the drug trade. It is not uncommon for violence to break out at any moment, including with some very intense shootouts. These sequences often result in some of the most thrilling moments in the series.

Between law enforcement agents, rival gangs, and deals gone wrong, the characters in these shows have faced a lot of danger. Sometimes these shootouts had fans cheering in excitement while others ended in heartbreaking ways, but all of them kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

Declan’s Operation Is Taken Out

Jack kills Declan in Breaking Bad

When Walt finally decides to step away from the meth-cooking business, a man named Declan steps in to take over the operations. However, when the new cooking doesn’t match the Heisenberg levels, Lydia decides to make a change.

While visiting Declan’s operation in the desert, Lydia has Uncle Jack’s crew come in and wipe out Declan and his men. What makes this shootout interesting is that it is only heard as Lydia hides in an underground bunker. However, it still makes for an intense and brutal moment.

Mike Protects A Shipment

Though he is a man of few words, Mike Ehrmantraut is a smart strategist who always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. So when criminals tries to hijack a shipment Mike is overseeing, it is clearly not going to end well for them.

The goons are smart enough to guess someone is hiding in the back of the truck and open fire into it. But when they open it up to see, all that is heard is a couple of shots followed by their bodies falling out of the truck. It is a simple scene that highlights Mike as a true badass.

The Salamanca Cousins Attack A Rival Gang

Without speaking much at all, the Salamanca cousins establish themselves as some of the most terrifying villains in the Breaking Bad universe. They also appear in Better Call Saul where they are as deadly and reckless as ever.

After hearing their operations were attacked by a rival gang, the cousins go to the gang’s hideout and attack. Not only do they kill countless people in broad daylight, but they do so with an eerie calm that makes them seem like they stepped right out of The Terminator franchise.

Mike Saves Saul From The Cartel

Given the clients that Saul Goodman works with, it’s no surprise he sometimes runs into dangerous situations. When he is tasked with picking up a package in the desert he finds himself held up by another gang.

Just as they are about the execute Saul, one of the gang members is shot by an unseen shooter. One by one they are picked off in a wild and bloody sequence before Mike emerges revealing that he saves Saul. It is a cheer-worthy moment and another highlight for Mike.

Hank Surprises Tuco

Hank and Tuco have a standoff in Breaking Bad

Though he initially seemed a bit goofy when he was introduced, Hank Shrader proves himself the best cop on Breaking Bad. Not only is he a skilled investigator, but he has handled himself in a number of sticky situations, such as coming across Tuco.

While Hank is out looking for Walt, he runs into the dangerous drug lord who is armed with a massive gun. For a moment, audiences really think this could be the end of Hank as he is very outmatched. But he manages to calm himself enough to deliver a kill shot on Tuco.

Assassins Attack Lalo

Lalo interrogates an assassin in Better Call Saul

Though Lalo was introduced later in Better Call Saul, he becomes one of the most exciting characters in the series. He is a ruthless and remorseless killer, but when Gus Fring sends an army of assassins to take him out, it’s hard not to root for Lalo.

Though he is seen as a charismatic and even laidback villain, this sequence proves just how deadly Lalo is, single-headedly taking out all of the would-be killers with impressive effectiveness.

Mike Takes Revenge On His Son’s Killers

Mike kills two dirty cops in Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul explores the sad backstory of Mike Ehrmantraut, revealing his son was a police officer who was killed by a pair of corrupt cops. Though Mike blames himself for his son’s death, he takes it upon himself to get revenge on the men.

After faking drunk and telling them he knows what they did, the dirty cops take Mike with the plan to execute him. But Mike had secretly planted a gun for himself while emptying their ammo and shoots down the men.

Jack Corners Hank In The Desert

Jack and Todd with guns in the desert in Breaking Bad

There are many sequences in Breaking Bad taking place in the desert but this is likely the most impactful. After Hank finally catches Walt red-handed, Uncle Jack and his men arrive to save Walt from getting arrested.

Once again, this is a situation in which Hank is outgunned as well as outnumbered. The intense standoff is pulse-pounding which then erupts in a deafening shootout to end the episode. Quite effectively, only the aftermath of the shootout is shown, making it clear that Hank has lost.

Walt Takes Out The Jack And His Crew

Walt's gun shoots up Jack's clubhouse in Breaking Bad

After killing Hank, Jack and his crew become the most hated villain in Breaking Bad. And even though his empire has fallen, Walt makes it his mission to make them pay for what they did. The finale concludes with Walt taking very satisfying revenge against the neo-Nazis.

This is another scene of nearly unbearable build-up as the audience knows that Walt isn’t meeting with Jack to discuss a job. But with that automatic gun pops out of Walt’s drunk and guns down the entire Nazi headquarters, it is one of the most exhilarating moments in the series.

The Cousins Attack Hank

Hank driving his car in Breaking Bad

As sad as Hank’s ultimate death was, he had managed to find his way out of many dangerous situations before that. When the Salamanca cousins come after Hank for killing Tuco, it is another situation in which Hank seems doomed.

It is a terrifying scene that shows just how ruthless the cousins are and how they want to make Hank suffer. It is also a great display of Hank as a hero as he is able to think on his feet and turn the tables on his attackers. It all culminates in one shocking death and Hank emerging victorious.

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