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10 Of The Best Breaking Bad Tattoos

Breaking Bad was groundbreaking television with many fans. Some fans were so inspired, they got Breaking Bad tattoos. Here are 10 of the best.

Breaking Bad was on the air from 2008 to 2013, starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. As everyone knows, these two characters made their money by cooking and selling crystallized methamphetamine, which made for a very exciting TV show.

This acclaimed television series has led to some amazing works of fan art, including permanent ones; yes, many people out there have themed tattoos on their body, which show off characters, objects, scenes and quotes from BrBa. 10 of the best are shown off below… and could just inspire some fan’s new ink!

The Main Characters

As mentioned, the two main characters in this show were Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, who are shown here in a very detailed way. Every line in their faces, every feeling that is coming across in their expressions… It is all bright and bold, thanks to Tvia-Dark of DeviantArt.

These guys entertained viewers for years, and they recently even made their way to TV again, with the Netflix movie El Camino. Will viewers be able to see them again at some point? Who knows. Until then, we can all at least enjoy them via permanent ink!

Walt, In All His Glory

Walt went through quite the transformation on this show, which will be discussed again, and early on, he looked like this. In fact, one of the most memorable scenes from this series showed him without pants, next to that legendary RV.

Those details, as well as the bright sun and sky in New Mexico, are all displayed within the shape of a skull, making this a true work of art by Sam Kane. Yes, this famous scene would make for an awesome tat on its own, but putting it inside this shape was a brilliant idea.

The RV

better call saul tattoo
Via Reddit

Speaking of that recreational vehicle… It can also be seen in this collage-style tattoo, which could work for fans of Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul and which was shared by Reddit user ThissnotmethYes, there are vehicles from these TV shows, landscapes that are seen all the time, a mask that is quite useful (given the context of the story) and a balance with the title of this spin-off prequel written across it.

There are a good amount of words and items and phrases and objects that could go into a collage inspired by this show, and this artist did a great job on this one.


Via Imgur

Jesse met Walt at school, since Walt was his teacher. And although Jesse did not care for a structured learning environment, he did learn and teach throughout this show. In fact, some of his best lines were centered around science and experiments, such as this interesting one about magnets.

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These words are inked underneath some magnets and some blue crystals, which is quite fitting. Those who are big fans (like this Reddit user) of this character may want to consider a tat like this one.

Walt’s Transformation

Via Body Art Guru

As mentioned, Walt changed so much. He went from a high school teacher to a cook to Heisenberg, and in the end, he was weak, bearded and alone. This shift is shown off in this next tattoo, which is just amazing and which was shared on Body Art Guru.

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The style, the lines, the smoke effect… This is a very intriguing way to honor one of the most complex characters on television.


Via Twitter

Heisenberg was sort of like Walt’s alter ego, and one of his most iconic lines was “say my name”. Therefore, some fans may want to show off their love of this series with ink like this (which was created by SidsSkinArt): It has Walt in his sunglasses and his hat, and it has these words written out, as well.

Oh, and of course, there are some blue crystals, since those were a big part of the story, too, and can be added to any of these pieces of art, for a true pop!

Los Pollos Hermanos

Via Twitter

Los Pollos Hermanos may have just seemed like an average fast-food restaurant. Judging by its logo, it was probably aimed at families even, since those chicken mascots look so cute. However, Gus owned this joint, and as fans know, there was nothing average or cute about this man or his involvement in Walt and Jesse’s story.

Nevertheless, having a tat (like this one from vini013sfc) that references a made-up place in a made-up story is super cool… especially when the place is as interesting as Los Pollos Hermanos.

The Pink Bear

Via Yelp

True fans will remember this pink bear. And real fans will know that someone else’s face turned out to be half-burnt like that, too.

This art was done by Speakeasy Tattoo in LA. Would everyone want a stuffed animal permanently put onto their bodies? No. Would everyone want a pink tat? No. Would everyone understand this reference? No. But for the right person, this could be just the right thing.


bryan cranston tattoo
Via Reddit

Breaking Bad can be shortened to BrBa, especially since those are part of the periodic table and since science played an important role in this story. That being said, many fans go the simple route and just get these four little letters in their two little squares tattooed to their bodies. And some stars go this route, too, since this is actually Bryan Cranston’s actual ink.

It is a minimal design. It is great for those who are into this show and science. And it won’t hurt as much or cost as much, due to its tiny size!

Let’s Cook

Via We Heart It

Last but not least, there is this colorful suggestion, which has these words on it: Let’s cook. Cooking took up a lot of screen time, though it was not normal cooking. These simple words have such huge meaning when it comes to this series, so this is a fun idea for fans.

Plus, the style and the colors used in this particular example, by Atomic Tattoos & Piercing, will catch lots of eyes and start up lots of conversations about Breaking Bad.

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