10 Pokémon We Still Need Added To New Pokémon Snap In The Next DLC

The first batch of DLC characters have been added to New Pokémon Snap, and there are a few notable omissions that need to come in the next round.

It’s been especially exciting for Pokémon fans to witness the various expansions to the franchise’s universe, with the Pokémon Snap series being one of the stranger, yet most entertaining, experiments. Pokémon Snap made its debut on the Nintendo 64, but the photography-based spin-off series has made its way over to the Nintendo Switch over a decade later.

New Pokémon Snap graciously announced new DLC out of the blue that adds over 20 new Pokémon to the existing 214 creatures that were already scattered throughout the game. It’s appreciated to get more Pokémon and courses to explore— and hopefully this won’t be the end of DLC additions— but there are still some important Pokémon that have yet to make the cut.

10 Toxtricity Is The Weirdest Lizard From The Pokémon World

When there are nearly 1,000 unique Pokémon to take into consideration it’s obviously not easy to equally pay respect to each generation of games, yet New Pokémon Snap features a good mix of Pokémon of both new and old.

Toxtricity is fresh to the series as a recent Galar region addition that’s also the rare hybrid of a Poison- and Electric-Type Pokémon. Toxtricity doesn’t just feature a unique design, but it’s also a bipedal lizard that would fit in well with a lot of New Pokémon Snap’s more illuminated regions.

Krookodile Is The Exactly The Type Of Pokémon That’s Found On Safari

New Pokémon Snap features an eclectic range of courses that allow for Pokémon of all sorts to make appearances. The DLC goes one step further and even incorporates the concept of shrinking the player down into the equation.

Krookodile is a powerful combination of Ground and Dark-Types that debuts in Unova. Crocodiles wouldn’t be out of place on the type of journey featured in New Pokémon Snap and Ash even had a Krookodile in the anime series so audiences should be very familiar with this Pokémon.

Empoleon Is The Chilly Boost Of Wildlife That New Pokémon Snap Needs

New Pokémon Snap pays service to the Generation IV games and their popular Starter Pokémon. It’s quite nice to have Piplup included in New Pokémon Snap, but it feels like the Pokémon’s evolved forms would be much more appropriate inclusions to the game.

Empoleon, Piplup’s final form, is a Steel- and Water-Type hybrid that resembles a mighty and proud king penguin. There’s so much that could be done with Empoleon in this game and unfortunately Piplup wasn’t just a tease of what else was to come.

Garchomp Is The Type Of Pokémon That Photographers Dream To Capture On Film

There’s been a progressive number of Dragon-Type Pokémon in the franchise, some of which are harmless, but many don’t hide their ferocious nature. It’s fair to say that Pokémon photographers deserve serious bragging rights for getting pictures of Dragon Pokémon, especially for creatures like Generation IV’s Garchomp.

Garchomp has a distinct personality thanks to the anime series and its strength makes it a keen predator that would be an exciting and riskier Pokémon to try to photograph. It would fit in as a centerpiece to a course or even a background element of chaos that’s hunting or protecting an area.

Cinccino’s Elegance Makes It A Photogenic Gem To Put Into The Series

Photographs in New Pokémon Snap are graded on a number of different factors, but a cute and photo-ready Pokémon is always going to score big points. The game caters well to many of the cuddlier Pokémon, like Pikachu and Eevee and its many evolutions.

Cinccino, as well as Minccino, are two of the fanciest Normal-Type Pokémon to come out of the Unova region. It was disappointing that this adorable addition wasn’t included the first time around, but it’s even more upsetting that Cinccino misses out on the DLC, too.

Latias & Latios Are Cherished Legendary Pokémon That Are Natural Fits

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon still only represent a fraction of the creatures in the series, but it’s shocking how many more of them there are in contrast to where the series began with these rarities.

New Pokémon Snap features Lugia, but it’s otherwise quite restrictive when it comes to Pokémon’s various Legendary Birds. Latias and Latios are an important duo from the Hoenn region that could help fill this Legendary gap in the game. The Pokémon benefit from how they can soar through the air or the water and fit into so many circumstances.

Infernape Is A Sinnoh Region Champion That Deserves To Swing Through Trees

Out of any of the Generation IV Pokémon that get overlooked in New Pokémon Snap, Infernape feels like the most egregious case. There are plenty of satisfying Fire-Type Pokémon in the game that reflect the series’ many regions, but Infernape is particularly popular since it’s a Fire- and Fighting-Type hybrid, as well as one of Ash’s more valuable ​Pokémon in the anime series.

Even an appearance from Chimchar would be nice, but the whole evolutionary line gets shut out here. Infernape’s agile nature and tendency to show off would be so easy to highlight in New Pokémon Snap.

Buzzwole’s Burly Mosquito Routine Is Built For New Pokémon Snap

Some especially bold Pokémon have been introduced across the past few generations and Buzzwole is a prominent example. A hybrid between Bug- and Fighting-Types is rare, but it’s a frightening combination to consider.

Buzzwole initially comes across as an intimidating threat and makes most Pokémon photographers want to turn back for safety, but that’s also exactly the reason why Buzzwole makes for such an appealing addition. He’d be a worthy obstacle at the end of a course or New Pokémon Snap could demystify the Ultra Beast and show that despite his bulky physique that Buzzwole still has a gentler side.

Greninja Is A Fan-Favorite Pokémon That Remains A Curious Omission

There are many Pokémon spin-offs, a large portion of which skew towards the fighting genre, and Greninja is typically a Pokémon that makes the cut. Greninja’s prominence in other Pokémon titles made it seem like the Dark- and Water-Type from the Kalos region would be an easy pick for New Pokémon Snap.

Greninja has an exciting design, a lengthy history in the anime series, and it’s relatively versatile when it comes to the environments that it can occupy. Maybe the popular Pokémon will make it in if more DLC gets announced.

Volcanion Is A Pokémon Anomaly That Feels Designed For Snap’s Courses

Pokémon isn’t afraid to break its rules and take risks with some of its designs that in turn open up new possibilities for the franchise. Volcanion is a Mythical Pokémon from Generation VI’s Kalos region who gets a healthy showcase in the Pokémon feature films. Volcanion stand out because it’s a mix of Fire- and Water-Types and comes across more like a regulatory machine than a Pokémon.

There are so many ways that a volatile Volcanion could complement the courses in New Pokemon Snap or even drastically alter the environmental conditions based on which of its extremes that it embraces.

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