10 Things Ash Ketchum Can Do Without His Pokemon

Ash can beat plenty of trainers with his Pokémon team, but he has other skills that make him a great character even without them.

Pokémon follows the journey of Ash Ketchum as he aspires to become the number one trainer. Throughout the series, Ash captures different Pokémon and helps them evolve into the best versions of themselves. He has repeatedly shown how deft he is at using his Pokémon and how good of a trainer he can be.

He has not only proven his dexterity in the Championship Leagues, but has also showcased to the viewers that he is a skillful leader in other parts of his life. Ash’s Pokémon are not the only powerful thing about him, rather he himself is quite a capable character on his own, and this has been depicted many times throughout the series.

10He Can Sense And Control Aura

In Pokémon, “aura” is a spiritual energy that every living being (both humans and Pokémon) has, and they emit it throughout their lives. Certain people in the Pokémon world have a well-developed aura and are known as the “Aura Guardians.”

Although Ash isn’t an Aura Guardian, he does have a very strong aura that allows him to sense the aura of others. Alongside this, he is also equipped to control his own aura. This ability of his does not require any assistance from his Pokémon. Many fans believe that with the right guidance, he could have become an Aura Guardian.

9He Can Project His Aura To Heal Others

The Japanese have a term for aura known as “Ki.” Ki is the spiritual force that exists in every living being, and Ash not only has the potential to sense and control this aura, but he can also project this ability out to heal others.

Ash can transfer his aura to others in need to help them heal quickly. This technique, however, can be fatal to Ash as draining too much of your own aura can leave you weak and vulnerable. Although having the potential to become an Aura Guardian, Ash chose to become a Pokémon trainer instead.

8He Has The Ability To Bond With Pokémon

The “Bond Phenomenon” allows a trainer and their Pokémon to bond together, and if done properly, it can lead to a Pokémon gaining stronger abilities. This act is dependent on the trust between a Pokémon and its trainer. Ash, as a trainer, was skilled enough to use the Bond Phenomenon with his Greninja, which made his Greninja a lot stronger than other Greninjas.

Unlike other Greninjas, Ash’s Greninja has increased leg strength and developed Water Shurikens on its back. The Bond Phenomenon also connects the trainer and Pokémon in such a way that the trainer feels the Pokémon’s pain if it sustains any damage.

7He Can Identify A Pokémon’s Feelings

Ash’s ability to sense auras also allows him to sense the emotions of Pokémon. He can communicate and form a strong bond with them using this ability. When Riolu was kidnapped, Ash was able to track Riolu easily by sensing his emotions.

On other occasions, Ash has sensed his Pokémon’s feelings without his Pokémon communicating them to him, and he has tried his best to reassure them whenever necessary. His ability to control his aura is what makes him a better trainer as this allows him to hone the relations that he has with his Pokémon and build a stronger bond with them.

6He Has Strong Willpower

Willpower is a rare trait, but Ash is one of the few heroes that has it in abundance. Ash’s willpower has been strong enough to let him achieve a lot of things, and it has given him an edge over others in battles and proven how strong he can be.

Ash has protected his Pokémon, woken himself up out of a telekinetic attack, and formed a bond with Azelf that was so strong that it enabled the Bond Phenomenon – and all of this was accomplished with the sheer power of will. The mastery of his own willpower has gotten him out of many situations at the right time, which wouldn’t have been possible if he lacked this tenacity.

5He Has Good Athletic Abilities

Besides being a capable trainer, Ash is also highly athletic. This nature has contributed to the success of many of his expeditions.

From what is shown in the series, fans can assume that he can run, climb mountains and tricky terrains, and swing on vines. He is also shown to have excellent physical strength and on multiple occasions, he has lifted heavy things to throw them at enemies. All of these capabilities make him a strong individual on his own, a trait he would possess with or without his Pokémon.

4He Has Good Endurance

Ash Ketchum has proved himself to be quite a formidable opponent, not only in terms of being a trainer but also at an individual level. He has fought off many enemies with his physical prowess and shown the viewers his true potential.

Apart from this, he has powerful endurance during battles. He can also take on attacks from his Pokémon while sustaining little damage. He keeps getting back up no matter how hard he gets hit. Not only does this show his determination, but the brawn he has developed through his own training.

3He Has Talents Other Than Being A Trainer

Ash is a great trainer – his abilities have helped him catch many Pokémon and have aided him on his journey towards becoming one of the best trainers in the Pokémon world. Along with this, he also picked up abilities from his friends along the way which don’t contribute to his career but are useful skills to have in life.

Ash is decent at drawing, has an aptitude for fishing, and is not half bad at cooking. He keeps improving and refining these skills over time with practice. These skills have led to him be a better friend and host in the series.

2He’s Persistent

Ash never gives up on his dream of becoming the number one Pokémon Master. He is persistent and gives his best every single time. In most Pokémon leagues, he comes close to winning, but the effort isn’t quite enough to get him to the top.

Despite this, through every generation of the series, Ash tries harder and harder, and eventually comes in second place in the Kalos tournament, and even wins the Championship League in the Alola Region. Even with these wins, he still works hard to become a better trainer and finally achieve his dream.

1He’s A Fast Learner

Ash is quite adept at learning new fortes, whether it’s physical training, learning new ways to better train his Pokémon, or just picking up certain skills from his friends. He is quick to learn his aforementioned abilities, like how to bond, how to use his aura, and even basic skills like cooking, from those around him.

He is also quick to learn about new regions whenever he travels and to use its geography to his advantage. Ash is just as skilled without his Pokémon as he is with them. He ensures that he is proficient at whatever he chooses to do and proves how capable he is by adapting and evolving throughout the series.

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