10 Worst Episodes Of Three’s Company (According To IMDb)

Three's Company was one of the funniest sitcoms of its day and is still funny today, despite how dated it is. But not all episodes are loved by fans.

There are many great moments from Three’s Company and since this television show was so funny, it can be hard to decide which episodes were the best. The series had a lot of moments that made it great, such as the one where Jack Tripper shared a bed with Mr. Roper.

Another hilarious moment in the series was when Mr. Roper mistakenly thought that Chrissy was pregnant after he heard a bit of one of her conversations while fixing the sink in his bathroom. But, not all episodes were great. Here are some of the least popular episodes of the series.

10“Jack To The Rescue” – 6.8

One of the lowest-rated episodes in the series is in season five. This episode was filmed not too long after Chrissy’s cousin, Cindy, arrived to take her spot in the apartment.

This episode focuses on the fact that Cindy has a boss who makes her run errands for him. Jack ends up standing up for her, and it does not end well. This results in Cindy getting fired from her job.

9“Friends And Lovers: Part 1” – 6.8

This episode has an overall rating of 6.8 on IMDb, which means that viewers tend to think of it as one of the worst episodes in the entire series. While most of the episodes focus on more humorous topics, this one is less funny.

The episode is about Jack and a woman he plans to marry. After he learns that there is a better job opportunity for her in another area than the job she currently has, he tells her that she should take it, instead of marrying him.

8“In Like Larry” – 6.7

The episode titled “In Like Larry” only managed to get 6.7 stars out of a possible 10 on IMDb. In this episode, viewers get the chance to see what things would have been like if Larry had been the one to move in with the girls, instead of Jack.

It all starts with Jack feeling as though his roommates are asking a bit too much of him and taking advantage of him. On the other hand, they don’t think he is doing enough. This results in Jack and Larry switching apartments for a bit.

7“Maid To Order” – 6.7

Maid To Order” is one of many episodes of this series that only has 6.7 stars out of 10. At this point in the series, both Chrissy and Cindy Snow had been replaced by a different roommate, who went by the name Terri Alden.

Cindy can still be seen in this episode since it is actually about her. Jack, Janet, and Terri hire Cindy to be their maid. But that doesn’t work out since she’s a bit of a klutz.

6“Like Father, Like Son” – 6.7

Like Father, Like Son” is another episode that has 6.7 stars on IMDb. This is a very unique episode since it actually shows Jack’s father when he pays the three roommates a visit. But, this doesn’t mean that the visit goes well for Jack, as his father starts doing some things that affect his life in various ways.

There are a few interesting facts about this episode. For example, this is the last episode that shows actor Jordan Charney playing Frank Angelino, who was Jack’s boss at the time.

5“Janet Wigs Out” – 6.7

Throughout much of the series, Janet is a very levelheaded character, and she is also known for having black hair. But during this episode, she becomes obsessed with how she is treated when she wears a blonde wig.

Her behavior changes drastically, and she doesn’t seem much like the character that audiences had come to know and love in the show. The actress who played her, Joyce Dewitt, has claimed that this is her least favorite episode of the series.

4“Father Of The Bride” – 6.7

Father Of The Bride” is one of the least liked episodes in the series, and it also has 6.7 stars on IMDb. This episode focuses on a man pursuing Cindy, even after she has made it very clear multiple times that she is not interested in him.

This kind of story does not seem to sit very well with fans of the show, which is understandable. She ends up having to do some extreme things just to get him to leave her alone. Furthermore, Jack makes it worse. Instead of helping her out, he accepts a job offer from this character.

3“Jack’s Navy Pal” – 6.5

The episode called “Jack’s Navy Pal” has a total of 6.5 stars, and the title is a bit deceiving, as it suggests that a character that shows up is a friend of Jack’s. The truth is, that character, whose name is Jim Walsh, only has negative intentions when it comes to Jack. The only thing he wants to do is fight with him.

What makes things a bit worse is that he shows up when the roommates are trying to have a nice dinner with the Ropers. Jim isn’t funny, he’s mean.

2“And Justice For Jack” – 6.5

This episode took on the topic of sexual harassment and the story focused on Jack having to deal with unpleasant things when it comes to his boss. This is an important topic, but the entire series up to this point was famous for being sexist, despite the fact that some of the writing is funny, so this episode is a little different.

After Jack gets fired for standing up for himself, he ends up facing even more problems than the ones he started with. This episode isn’t a fan favorite.

1“Jack’s Bad Boy” – 6

The least popular episode of the show is called “Jack’s Bad Boy,” and it has 6 stars. The story of this episode revolves around a young boy who somehow manages to find his way into their apartment. Throughout the episode, the young boy fools Janet and Chrissy with sad stories about what his life is like.

However, Jack isn’t so quick to believe him. He thinks the child is lying, and this puts Jack in a negative light in the girls’ eyes since they believe the boy. This episode is the 2oth in the fourth season of the series.

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