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13 Nanny Fine Ensembles That Serve

Even if you weren’t around to watch The Nanny during its run on CBS from 1993-99, you might be aware of Fran Fine a.k.a. Nanny Fine’s iconic aesthetic that captured some the most colorful fashion TV ever had to offer. She was “the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan,” and it’s true – in the 90’s, muted minimalism exemplified elegance. But Fran shamelessly stood out in her borderline-wacky suits and crop-tops.

Fashion often repeats itself, and she has recently re-emerged as a style icon for a new generation and as a nostalgic throwback for many others. It’s almost impossible to choose, but here are 13 of our favorite Nanny Fine outfits, courtesy of viral account and Fran Fine fashion-archivist, @whatfranwore. Take a look, and see how she became known as the “flashy girl from Flushing.”

1. Dolce & Gabbana Tartan Blazer

She sure did love her blazers, and this look already has me dreaming about crisp autumn weather where something of this nature (granted, with a few updates) could make its way into my outfit rotation.

2. Sports Jersey and High Heels

Nanny Fine rocking an ultra-oversized jersey with black stocking and heels feels shockingly current, and just goes to show you: what goes around comes around! Alexander Wang presented a very similar silhouette in his F/W 2018 collection.

3. Versace Blazer

Another classic Nanny blazer look, this time with a coordinating mod headband. When do you think headbands will make a return so we can all recreate this incredible look, orange juice included?

4.Green Courreges Vinyl Suit

I mean……… everything about this = perfection. Can I pretty please go back in time and borrow this?

5. Thierry Mugler Camouflage

Conspiracy theory: Was Fran Fine was a hypebeast? But seriously, her take on camo has everything: shoulder pads, big hair, and bling.

6. Anna Sui ’97

One of the best Nanny looks in my opinion was this Anna Sui set with the fur. While you may be hesitant to fully replicate this outfit that I could only describe as Business Whimsical – a little faux fur, tweed, or a good black turtleneck never hurt!

7. Betsey Johnson Co-ord

This lime green printed ensemble is definitely one of the most memorable Fran Fine outfits, and surely an inspiration to all athleisure fans out there who are looking for a little more pizzazz.

8. Wig and Body Suit

Only on Nanny Fine does a catsuit and blunt bob look as natural! She is a true chameleon of style.

9. Sequin Dress from Niteline

Always one to gravitate towards the bigger and bolder, this black mini dress is somewhat unexpected from our favorite nanny. She keeps it in her style though by making sure there’s plenty of sequins to go around.

10. Jean Paul Gaultier Bodysuit

On The Nanny, they weren’t afraid of taking runway looks and modifying them for a more realistic everyday look, without compromising the impact of the piece! This Jean Paul Gaultier top was actually debuted on the runway as a bodysuit!

11. Fendi ’97 Co-ord

This purple getup by Fendi on Fran is absolutely fabulous, and is giving us serious genie in a bottle vibes! Jokes aside, it looks like a super comfortable ensemble that I wish I could have for myself!

12. White Shorts and Fluffy Coat

You know those rare times when it’s warm out but you feel kind of chilly for some reason? Like you want to be bundled up and unclothed at the same time? Maybe I’m just describing a fever, but if you can find a time and place to wear an outfit like this, bless you. This is definitely one of Fran’s most fabulous looks, and she proves once again you can never go wrong with something big and furry!

13. Versus Versace Holographic Party Dress

Last but not least, the going-out look to end all going-out looks. Why is this basic red baseball cap paired with a disco ball dress so good?!?! An unlikely pairing like this could only be the work of the most fabulous nanny there ever was.

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