15 Worst Things Ash Has Ever Done To His Pokemon

Today we’ll be taking a trip down memory road, and reminiscing on 15 of Ash’s shadiest moments toward his very own Pokémon.

While it is no secret to anyone that Ash of the Pokémon Anime certainly isn’t a good Pokémon trainer, he also is kind of a bad person too. Throughout his 20+ year journey throughout the Pokémon world, we’ve seen many sides of him. Sometimes, he’s just not very great to the creatures that got him to where he is, his Pokémon. All those victories that they got him clearly don’t exempt them from horrible treatment, as they regularly endure that under Ash. Today we’ll be taking a trip down memory road, and reminiscing on 15 of Ash’s shadiest moments toward his very own Pokémon. Let us know of any that we missed in the comments down below. Now, let’s jump right into it.

15 Abandoning Pidgeot

One thing I will never forgive Ash for is abandoning Pidgeot. For all of the other Pokémon that Ash has parted ways with, it was for good. Ash told this poor bird he was coming back for him. I am taking this to the Supreme Court because it’s unacceptable.

14 Leaving His Whole Team At Every New Region

You know how much Ash cares about his Pokémon? He leaves them at the first chance he gets. He has done this consistently throughout his travels, and once he’s done with a Pokémon, it is a very rare occurrence that they’ll be able to battle for him again.

13 Sent Them Into Unwinnable Battles

Ash is known for not knowing what types are, as he commonly sends Pokémon into battle that have a massive type disadvantage. While sometimes this works out in his favor, it is completely luck based, and most of the time his Pokémon are just set up for failure.

12 Ignore Every Tauros Except One

We’re not going to go over how or why Ash has 30 Tauros, but the fact that he only ever uses one of them. He never gives the others a chance, and simply uses one over the rest of them. He’s just not that great of a guy is he?

11 Let Them All Know He Has A Favorite

Is it any secret that Ash has a favorite Pokémon? The one that has been with him nonstop for 20 years seems like a pretty strong contender to me. All of the other Pokémon can clearly see it, and they have to live with the fact that they are all second tier in his eyes.

10 Make Them All Stay In Pokéballs (Except One)

Another special privilege that Pikachu has is the ability to never go into his Pokéball. Do the others get that opportunity? No. They only come out when he is forced to feed them or wants to use them to attack others for his benefit. Nice guy.

Ignoring Krabby Until He Needed His Help

Remember that one time Ash caught a Krabby and literally never even interacted with it until it was time to use him for battle? I mean come on Ash, at least take him out to dinner first if you’re going to act this way.

He Forces Them To Do Things They Don’t Want To Do

Do you recall a certain point in Ash’s journey when he dragged Pikachu up a mountain with a rope that he clearly had no interest in ascending? Because I recall that certain point. Forcing animals to bend to his will. Just as I thought, trash.

He Gave Up Butterfree and Raticate

There was also the time on the SS Anne that he immediately turned his back on his butterfly because a rat slightly less powerful than it. What? And then, immediately gave up on that rat in the blink of an eye. So caring.

Leaves Primeape Forever

Ash left his Primeape for training with Anthony in 1997 and has not returned since. 22 years Ash. Did you think that maybe Primeape thought you were going to come back for him, or do you just not care at all? Why am I this angry about fictional characters? All unanswerable questions.

Ignores Muk’s Love

Muk is truly one of Ash’s most loving Pokémon, smothering Ash anytime he sees him. Despite his adoration for his trainer, Ash keeps him stored away at Professor Oak’s lab, until he decides that it’s convenient to go see him again. Poor Muk.

Allowed Pikachu To Lose To Snivy

Yeah I know blah blah blah Pikachu was injured and couldn’t use his electric moves SNIVY WAS LEVEL 5. The infamous battle in which our level 100 Pikachu lost to a level 5 Snivy will go down in the books as a low point in the anime’s history. The fact that Ash let his Pikachu battle despite his injuries, which destroyed his reputation… horrible.

He Allows Them To Be Stolen By Team Rocket

Can we talk about why Ash has never, I don’t know, called the police on Team Rocket? The government? If he got rid of them once and for all, he wouldn’t have to deal with his Pokémon being captured by them constantly. Maybe he just doesn’t care about them.

He Consistently Sends Them Into Dangerous Situations

Along with that, he is known to send his Pokémon into dangerous situations such as; engaging them with criminals, going after legendary Pokémon and forcing them to ride through the dangerous ocean in the first movie. These just highlight his inability to be a proper Pokémon trainer.

Thunder Armor

Let’s talk about the fact that Ash had no idea whether or not Thunder Armor was going to work. He sent his Pokémon into a scenario that could have ended up with them being severly injured. This was all just to gain a cheap win. Another check on the vile things Ash has done list.

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