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16 Facts About Keanu Reeves (Because Dammit, Look at Him)

He’s an actor that was poked fun of during the 1990s, but has turned into the most respected guru-like celebrity on the internet. So many iconic roles have been blessed into his career. He’s Ted “Theodore” Logan. He’s Neo. He’s John Wick. He is many within one. He is Keanu Reeves.

Keanu is reportedly a sweet man with millions of fans of his work and just the guy himself. We mean, look at him. Look. At. Him. He’s mesmerizing in the eyes and just makes dopamine flood out of you whenever he speaks. However, even the biggest fans of Mr. Reeves may not know everything about this dynamo. There are certainly some facts about him that fans may not have noticed, or have forgotten. Either way, we’re going to break Keanu down (but would never hurt him).

Here are some cool and sometimes surprising facts about Keanu Reeves that you probably didn’t know about.

“Chuck Spadina”

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Не could have been Chuck Spadina. Early in his career, Reeves toyed with the idea of being K.C. Reeves, Chuck Spadina, and Page Templeton III, because casting agents thought his real first name was too exotic.
Whoa Is (Not) Me

The Name “Keanu”

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Keanu means cool breeze over mountains. Given his personality, that's pretty spot on.
The Telegraph


CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves He's a published poet. In collaboration with artist Alexandra Grant, Reeves wrote poems for two books: Ode to Happiness and Shadows.
W Magazine

From Roles to Hobbies

Keanu Reeves Не often turns preparation for roles into hobbies. Не learned how to surf for Point Break, kung fu for The Matrix, and tactical shooting for John Wick, among other skills that turn into things he does for leisure between filming movies. CRACKED.COM
Mental Floss

Al Pacino and Gene Hackman

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Не deferred his salary to work with Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. Reeves lowered his fee for The Devil's Advocate and The Replacements, so production could afford the big stars and he got to work with them.
Whoa Is (Not) Me

Winona Ryder

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Не may or may not have married Winona Ryder. When shooting Bram Stoker's Dracula together, a real priest officiated the wedding scene between the two, making it official in many people's eyes. Especially since it isn't known whether the priest used their real names or the ones of their characters.
The Guardian


Keanu Reeves Не helped Weezer get their start. While touring with his band Dogstar, Reeves had Weezer get their first major gig as their opening act in 1992. CRACKED.COM
Mental Floss

‘The Watcher’

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Не was tricked into being in The Watcher. A friend of his forged his signature on the contract, but Reeves couldn't prove it. Since he didn't want to get sued, he did the film.
The Guardian

Ice Baths

Keanu Reeves He's an ice bath advocate. After days shooting stunts, Reeves recovers and refreshes his sore body by taking ice baths. I'd get home from a day of filming, get the water to 37 degrees, and lie in it up to my neck. Heaven. CRACKED.COM
Los Angeles Times

‘Swedish Dicks’

Keanu Reeves He's on a TV show you've never seen. Reeves has a small recurring role on Swedish Dicks, a U.S.-Scandinavian co-production about two private detectives from Sweden trying to earn a living in Los Angeles. It stars Keanu's friend Peter Stormare. CRACKED.COM

Alice Cooper

Keanu Reeves Не hung out with Alice Cooper when he was young. Reeves' mother was a costume designer, and Cooper would hire her for various outfits. Не brought fake vomit and dog poo to terrorize the housekeeper. He'd hang out, a regular dude. CRACKED.COM
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Coca-Cola Commercial

CRACKED.COM Cos Keanu Reeves One of his first roles was in a Соса-Соӏа commercial. Не played a cyclist - a part which required him to shave his legs.
The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

Cancer Charity

CRACKED.COM Keanu Reeves Не has a cancer research charity (but won't tell you which one). I have a private foundation that's been running for five or six years, and it helps aid a couple of children's hospitals and cancer research, Reevessaid 2009. I don't like to attach my name to it, I just let the foundation do what it does.

‘Keanu,’ The Movie

Keanu Reeves Не asked to be in Keanu. While his management originally turned down a role, Reeves saw the initial trailers for the cat-based comedy with his name in the title and reached out to voice the cat. CRACKED.COM
Mental Floss


Keanu Reeves Не loves motorcycles (but they don't love him back). In spite of him enjoying riding fast bikes, he has broken his ankle, gotten road rash, lost teeth, and ruptured his spleen in accidents. CRACKED.COM
Mental Floss


Keanu Reeves Не never got his American citizenship. While he got his green card through his American stepfather, Reeves maintains his Canadian citizenship. Не grew up in Beirut, Sydney, New York City, and Toronto before settling in Los Angeles. CRACKED.COM
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