8 Best Couples In Yellowstone, Ranked

From Beth and Rip, John and Governor Perry, to Kayce and Monica, and Kimmy and Mia, find out which Yellowstone couples are the strongest.

With Season 4 of Paramount’s hit neo-western series Yellowstone currently at its midway point, character arcs, relationship drama, and unresolved storylines are beginning to come into sharper focus. Most recently, John (Kevin Costner) and Kaycee (Luke Grimes) had to deal with some unruly ranchers new to town, while Jamie (Wes Bentley) sought vital information about his biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

On the romance front, complicated relationships between old and new couples on the show continue to provide compelling storylines, be it John and Wendy’s time together, Beth and Rip taking things to the next level, Colby and Teeter’s unlikely bond, and more.

8Kayce & Monica

Kayce and Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) have the most contentious romantic relationship of any couple in Yellowstone. At their worst, they fight, argue, express hatred, and come to near blows with one another. When Monica suffers a bad brain injury at work, she requires physical therapy that further eroded their marriage as Kayce is too busy with the ranch to fully support her.

As a result, Monica briefly started a fling with her therapist, but wisely left him to reconcile with Kayce. Despite their rocky romance, Monica tries her best to stay with Kayce for the sake of their young son, Tate (Breckin Merrill), who she loves more than anything. Kayce and Monica’s bond strengthens over time, but it’s hard to ignore the ugly lows their marriage has endured.

7Dan & Victoria

Not a ton is known about the lasting marriage between wealthy California land baron Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) and his wife Victoria (Barret Swatek) on the show. However, the couple has three children together, suggesting they live a happy existence on the frontier.

While Dan appears in 19 episodes until his untimely demise, Victoria only appears in a pair of episodes, limiting the exposure of their romantic bond. That said, Dan has been known to send his family away whenever his property is approached by attackers, suggesting he cares enough about them to protect but is not quite brave enough to do so himself.

6Colby & Teeter

Although it took a while to materialize, the Friday night tryst between ranch hands Colby (Denim Richards) and Teeter (Jen Landon) had nearly every Yellowstone shouting out loud in celebration. The two best friends and coworkers had repressed feelings for each other that finally spilled over into the bunkhouse.

The flirtations between the two throughout the modern western romance also include skinny dipping, with Teeter often taking the assertive lead in their romantic dynamic that aligns with her personality. Here’s hoping things get even hotter and heavier between Colby and Teeter moving forward.

5Jamie & Christina

Due to the length of their on-and-off relationship and the fact they had a child together, Jamie and Christina (Katherine Cunningham) are a middling couple on Yellowstone. Jamie hired Christina to be his campaign manager while running for Montana Attorney General before their professional bond slow become more intimate.

When Jamie withdrew from the election, his romance with Christina fizzled. However, when Jamie later learns Christina is pregnant with his child and also finds out was adopted by the Duttons, the couple reunites and Jamie meets his son for the first time. More of romance born out of necessity than genuine love, at least the two managed to remain together for the sake of the child.

4Jimmy & Mia

Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) and Mia (Eden Brolin) have one of the more delightful ancillary romances on Yellowstone. As the hardened criminal looking for a shot at redemption, Jimmy finds just the opportunity when working for Yellowstone ranch. But when he meets and falls for the charming horse rider and barrel racer Mia, he must decide to pursue a rodeo career with his new girlfriend or remain loyal to John.

In addition to the juicy story arc revolving around Jimmy’s decision that rivals the best western cowboys movies, it’s the crackling chemistry between Brolin and White that makes the couple so easy to root for and hope for a lasting romance. Moreover, Jimmy is so often beaten, battered, and bruised on the show that Mia’s romantic respite from his hardscrabble life as a rancher is truly enchanting.

3John & Governor Perry

While viewers can tell that John Dutton can’t quite fill the void left in his heart and soul by the passing of his one true love, Evelyn (Gretchen Mol), he does his best to find a modicum of happiness with Governor Perry (Wendy Moniz). As a widow herself, their bond primarily lies in having lost their beloved spouses.

Still, as the protagonist of the series, deliberate efforts are made to ensure John’s romantic needs meet his requirements as a grizzled ranchman with several children and a legacy to leave behind. What began as a fun distraction is turning into a meaningful romance that allows both characters to overcome past trauma and lean on each other in ways most others can’t understand.

2Beth & Rip

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) are by far the strongest contemporary couple on Yellowstone. Beth has taken a shine to the orphan boy since childhood, slowly developing their incessant time together on the ranch into an authentic romantic bond that is easy to identify with and root for to last forever. Moreover, they often buck traditional movie tropes from westerns, which makes them even more lovable.

On the flipside, Rip once saved the life of Beth’s father Jim, who is eternally now indebted to the rancher. This adds an extra wrinkle to Beth and Rip’s romance, as John must carefully negotiate their bond without alienating either one. While they certainly have their ups and downs on the show, Beth and Rip are a couple that feels as real and honest as they come.

1John & Evelyn

If Beth and Rip are the best contemporary couple, then John and Evelyn Dutton are the best overall Yellowstone couple. Despite appearing in only four episodes (mostly in flashback), Evelyn’s untimely death informs the entire story of the series as John continues to raise their four children alone with no idea of how to proceed without her, slowly becoming one of the best TV dads over time.

Moreover, the achingly intimate flashbacks depict a much happier time in John’s life, showing what a huge impact Evelyn had on the children as well. In many ways, her death also killed the romance inside John’s heart, but thanks to Governor Perry, he’s able to find love again. On a more basic, meta-level, without John and Evelyn’s happy marriage, there would be no show to speak of.

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