8 Historically Inaccurate Period Pieces For Fans Of Bridgerton

Many period pieces are as captivating and historically inaccurate as Shonda Rimes' Bridgerton.

While many can agree that Bridgerton is amazing to watch and to read, there are many more incredible period shows to watch while fans anxiously wait for its third season. Whether audiences are desperate for more extravagant costumes, on-screen romances, or scandalous storylines, there are many similar shows that have the same feel as Bridgerton.

It doesn’t matter if the audience are history buffs or not, it can be easy to spot when storylines aren’t accurate. However, if the show keeps viewers enthralled and hungry for more, these historical inaccuracies can be forgiven. For fans of Bridgerton, other period dramas are as interesting, but are also as historically inaccurate.

The Great Is Too Wild To Be True

While Catherine the Great ascended the throne in the most non-traditional way, this Hulu show takes her rise to power and turns it on it’s head. Between Catherine’s relationship with her husband, Peter, and how the court behaves, The Reign is too wild to be true.

While there are obvious historical inaccuracies, The Great is a must-watch Hulu series. Of course, a story where an Empress plans to kill her husband and take his throne is sure to be intriguing.

The Powerful And Political Rise Of The Borgias

The real Borgias family were a Spanish family who were trying to take control of Italy during the Renaissance period. While The Borgias displays the politics and power of the time, there are some details that don’t add up. The alliances and enemies that the powerful Medici family made are not all true.

The famous Niccolo Machiavelli was never friends with the Medicis. Instead, he was tortured and imprisoned by them. While the history isn’t always factual in this show, audiences have to admit that it all makes for great drama. The Borgias captivates audiences in the same way that Bridgerton does.

The Tudors Is Full Of Weddings And Funerals

The story of King Henry VIII and his six wives has been repeated and remade into many shows and movies, such as The Other Boleyn Girl and the new musical, Six. While The Tudors was an intriguing show, its storylines don’t track with history.

Johnathon Rhys Meyer looks nothing like King Henry VIII, and Meyer was never required to change his body shape to resemble the former king. Additionally, the timeline for when he married each of his wives happened more quickly for the sake of the show’s pacing. However, viewers overlook these details and are much more involved with the relationships Henry quickly formed and ended.

Action And Adventure Dwell On Vikings

Although this hit show was on the History Channel, it doesn’t mean it was historically accurate. From characters being made up to fit the story to having other characters be related when they actually weren’t, there were quite a few inaccuracies with Vikings.

Probably the most inaccurate details were the costumes and the fact that they called themselves Vikings. The material for the costumes and the lack of helmets wouldn’t have been practical for Northern Europe. Putting these details aside, Vikings is perfect for fans of action and political dramas.

Peaky Blinders Is For Fans Of Crime Dramas

Peaky Blinders is one of the most successful shows on the BBC, but isn’t the most historically accurate. While the Peaky Blinders were a real gang in Birmingham, they never did business with Jessie Eden, nor did Winston Churchill employ their leader as a spy.

Additionally, the names of characters and the years of the gang’s operation are slightly off. However, none of these details matter to die-hard fans of the show. With Peaky Blinders just finishing its sixth and final season, fans are desperate for more or even a spin-off in the future.

Elegance And Class Dominate Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has six seasons and two movies to its franchise. However, the Grantham family and all their scandal was created for the sake of good television. While Downton Abbey does highlight major historical events like World War I and the sinking of the Titanic, many of the storylines are purely for drama.

Like many other period pieces, fans don’t seem to mind if the show doesn’t get the history 100% correct because they have fallen in love with the characters and are anxious to see where their lives will take them. With the second Downton Abbey film being released May 18, it’s safe to say that this story isn’t going anywhere.

Reign Features Designer Dresses And Daring Romances

While Mary, Queen of Scots was betrothed to Prince Francis, historians don’t depict their relationship as a sweeping love story like Reign does. It’s also apparent that the clothing worn by the women of this series is not accurate (some gowns have modern designer names to them).

Surprisingly, fans loved the departure from history and hoped that the show would follow a similar thread all the way through. Sadly, the writers stuck to the tragedies in Mary Stuart’s life. Because of this, Reign only lasted four seasons. However, fans still go back and rewatch Reign for the romances, the stories, and the costumes.

Love Triangles And Seaside Villages Are Present In Poldark

This PBS period piece is based on the novels by Winston Graham. While the locations of Poldark are based on real places, many of the characters are fictional. The timeline of Poldark ranges from the American Revolution to the Regency era in England. While some historical events are mentioned, the show doesn’t always follow history.

However, fans of Poldark are enthralled by the love that Ross Poldark has for Demelza, the challenges that they both have to face, and the enemies who seem to approach them from all angles. This show has five wonderful seasons that will make any devoted viewer want to go and pick up the books to continue the Poldark story.

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